Welcome to the Red Robin Chronicles, a blog dedicated to aggressively documenting the nefarious machinations of anti-White forces and their ongoing attempt at dispossessing Occidentals of their liberty and land, by way of media, politics, and good old fashioned violence.

We pull no punches here in naming our enemies. Be they Democrat or Republican, Christian or Muslim, White European or Jew. We shred the fragile gossamer-strands of political correctness and egalitarianism. We Mock the hypocrisy of the conservative coward and destroy the false racial dogma expounded by liberal losers. We resolutely stand up in defense of our WHITE race and our WHITE civilization.

In the words of Jared Taylor:

” The problem then is this. If we do nothing, all of America will in time become Detroit and South Central Los Angeles. There will be nothing left of the Anglo-European culture you and I both love. Nothing. The hopes and sacrifices of our ancestors will have been wasted, the civilization they built wrecked. Our survival is at stake ………. “

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