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Posts From Underground 2

August 1, 2011 1 comment

It’s a balmy evening in western New York so I decide to  take a leisurely carbon dioxide emitting joy-ride in my  six cylinder green house gas factory on wheels, the kind of pollutin’ commutin’ that makes the Gore-corp and sundry lib-girl lefties break out in a briny sweat. Yes, it’s the little things in life that keep us going…

I putter down the asphalt, A/C on 11.  Decide to hang a Ralph down a rural road in the town of West Bloomfield, a stretch of rural habitation that isn’t much bigger than the length of an arena football field. As my venerable vessel plods down the un-striped, cracked roadway, I spot a figure casually walking along the side of the opposite lane. His back is to me, but it appears he is pushing something. As I approach and things come into focus, I’m able to make out that the person is a White male, older, possibly late fifties early sixties, judging by his snow-colored beard and remaining wisps of hair on his head. The object he is pushing now reveals itself to my peepers as a baby stroller. The guy looks to be in good shape. Fit and trim. Nightly jaunts with stroller playing a part in his physical well-being, I assume.

As a make my way by him, I take a quick glance into the pram, expecting full well to spot a pink cheeked bundle of smiling Aryan reflecting back at me. But instead, my orbs are accosted by the sight of a nappy-headed halfrican Hotten-Tot, complete with dark, alien eyes and “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis” grimace. I turn my noggin back to the open road, swing around the block and begin making my way back home, the image of this paradoxical sight still fresh in my mind.

As I lumber back, I begin curiously piecing together this bizarre “Jig-saw” puzzle. An all-too-common picture begins forming. A wayward daughter, fed from the Jewish tit of pro miscegenation multi-media , lactating perpetually its anti-White poison from swollen Marxist mammary glands; a Black boyfriend, now long gone, brought in to the White community by effeminated Christian midwives, who, always turning their pious-maximus to their own folk, are more than willing to get their ego stroked by liberal friends and local news-rags by attaching a ‘Freaka creature onto the welfare bosom of White taxpayers and impregnating the area with violent, shovel-lipped interlopers. And to complete the picture, deracinated, distracted White parents, laboring heavily under the weight of a messy divorce and/or constant work, too busy trying to be their children’s “friend” and ignoring the mind-meth that is being pumped into their brains…

…I begin to relate these MTV influenced, Black bearing White girls to the “cowbird.” Much like this bird- who makes other duped bird species raise its young- these mudsharks end up forcing their White family to raise their mongrel offspring. (That is of course the ones who aren’t murdered by their Romeo-erectus mates. White girls who become involved with Blacks run an extremely high risk of pre-mature death, as pointed out in this link.) And Whites, ever the sapsuckers, end up housing, feeding and nurturing these savage mulattoes and sending them off to school in their White districts, all to continue the degenerate cycle of dissolution.

This is the silent genocide of our race;  Extinction at the periphery. As the Jew slowly pecks away at the outer edges; their appetite for Cherchez le Juif never satiated. And Whites, wading in the egalitarian amniotic fluid of misplaced compassion, raise their own executioners.

As I pull into my driveway and turn off the ignition, I contemplate the long hard road our kin will have to travel to reach our destination and secure our racial survival.

Bye Bye White American Pie

March 27, 2011 1 comment

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
America used to make me smile
And I knew our kids had a place
That was just for their peoples’ race

But 2011 made me wonder
About our kinfolks falling numbers
Bad news on the internet
Genocide took one more step

I can remember how Liberals laughed
And Jews just smiled with deadly wrath
Our countries going down so fast
Looks like our time has past

So bye, bye White American pie
Sold your birthright to the non-White
How your children will cry
And them Republican boys line their pockets with lies
Sighing, I guess the west will just have to die
I guess the west will just have to die

Once our cities were so clean
Streets were safe and houses gleamed
But the bible thumpers cried
That the Negro was denied
Now he rapes and kills your pride
And all you do is run away and hide

Well I know you think we’re equal
That Mestizos are just the sequel
But that Marxist yarn ain’t true
They come to take and conquer you

In 1965 they changed our nation
Jews and traitors changed immigration
Instead of Whites we now get Haitians
That’s how your country dies

Democrats are singin’
Bye, bye White American pie
Sold your birthright to the non-White
How your children will cry
And them Republican boys just line their pockets with lies
Sighing, I guess the west will just have to die
I guess the west will just have to die.

_The number of non-Hispanic whites, whose median age is now 41, edged up slightly to 196.8 million. Declining birth rates meant their share of the total U.S. population dropped over the last decade from 69 percent to roughly 64 percent.