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Two Rochester Men Arrested for Burglary

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

City of Rotchester alive with nigger entrepreneurial spirit as Hood Nymphs inc. purloin for coin in bountiful ‘burbs of ‘Pudlickin’ Cain-stains and Lib-girl Obongo boppers.

McAmerican Whites still sleeping away as Jew inspired coon insurgency steals their White house-and silverware.

Two Rochester Men Arrested for Burglary

By: YNN Staff

Are we looking at two flanged-lipped Congoids or the rear end of a Brahma bull with severely swollen hemorrhoids?
Two Rochester men have been charged in connection with a burglary that happened in Ogden.

Police say 22-year-old Kevin Heins and 31-year-old Eric Loyd are believed to be responsible for numerous other burglaries in Monroe County. Those investigations are ongoing.

Heins and Loyd were arrested Thursday in Ogden in connection with a burglary that just occurred on Adams Trail in Ogden.

They were arraigned in Ogden town court on burglary and grand larceny charges. Both are being held at the Monroe County Jail.

Several police departments worked together on this arrest, including Irondequoit, Greece, Rochester, Ogden, and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.


Swing Low, Sweet Baby- Backs

June 8, 2011 1 comment

Combine a rib cook-off, the beach, and a close proximity of yard apes and you’ve got yourself an unhealthy batch of TNB. City Blacks descend on Ontario Beach Park to perform their Mogadishu Waltz- complete with violence, mayhem and all the busta-moves you’d expect from this danse-nignog chimp-out.

News-Jews and council-coons are careful to couch their words in shimmering  PC-speak, calling wilding apes  “urban youth” and “teenagers.”  Video shows a much darker, racial picture.

Here’s a tip, Whiteman; anywhere you find Blacks, expect an unsafe, hostile environment that puts you and your family in real danger. That’s the reward of DIE-versity, and the punishment for your pusillanimity.


Rochester man charged with impersonating a federal agent

May 6, 2011 1 comment

FBI becomes acronym for “feral Black idiot” in latest Jagnet episode of TNB starring Rotchester’s very own Joe Friday, Kwamell “jess da facts, muh nigga” Smith.

Rochester man charged with impersonating a federal agent

Posted at: 05/06/2011 10:12 AM

“Yo, sup, cracka. I beez da po-po. Ya’ll needs ta let me in soze ize cain dun inspecticate ya silvah-ware…”

A 21-year-old Rochester man has been charged with impersonating a federal agent.

Rochester Police say they arrested Kwamell Smith Thursday in connection with a home invasion on Cedarwood Terrace that took place in March.

In March, Smith and another man were arrested after a brief police chase that ended when the SUV got stuck in snow on Prince Street. When investigators searched the SUV, they found three loaded, high-powered rifles, an emergency light and FBI jackets that were not authentic.

In court papers previously obtained by News 10NBC, Smith told police the jackets with “FBI” on them belonged to the man who owned the SUV.

Investigators originally pulled the vehicle over because they saw an emergency light on the dash and the vehicle matched a description for a previous incident on Cedarwood Terrace.

Smith is charged with impersonating a federal agent, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.

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Bath Time for Bonzo

March 24, 2011 3 comments

Butterfly McSaamiya prepares some gastronomic ghetto lobster for DIE-versity diners. Par-boiled Picaninny in medium-rare condition at burn bistro.

1:00 PM

Mother Accused of Scalding 4-Year-Old Son

By: YNN Staff

Mother Accused of Scalding 4-Year-Old Son
“Come gits sum a muh woyld famous blackened Boy-b-que. Remembuh, ats muh section 8 restuh-raunt you aint’s jess ah custumuh-you am fambly…”
A Rochester mother is charged with assault for allegedly scalding her four-year-old boy in February.

According to the Rochester Police Department, Saamiya Thomas, 18, is charged with two counts of first degree assault.

Investigators reported that Thomas brought her son to Rochester General Hospital on February 6th with second and third degree burns covering 40 percent of his body. Police said the burns were caused when the victim was put in scalding bath water.

The child has since been transferred to the burn unit at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Thomas is being held at the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $30,000 cash bail. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday.


Cain and Cable

March 23, 2011 1 comment

Prime- time primate Peter Barkley gets vid-evil on fellow orc’s ass by administering TNB beatdown with television set.

IQ still in the tank for star simians, but Libtard ratings confirm that these Emmy-Ebonies will be renewed for another smash-hit season of wanton violence on channel McAmerica.

Man involved in gang assault sentenced to 18 years

Posted at: 03/21/2011 6:13 AM | Updated at: 03/21/2011 4:21 PM


“fuck you, honkey! yawl bettah stops lookin’ ats me like dat or ize smack ya upside da haid wit a bluray!

A man accused of beating a Rochester man to death was sentenced Monday.

Peter Barkley is one of three men charged with gang assault. Police say the men used sticks, a chain padlock and even a television to beat up 46-year-old Martin Quinn last June. The assault happened in Quinn’s house on Grand Avenue.

Today, Barkley was sentenced to 18 years in state prison and five years post release supervision in the death of Martin Quinn. He was sentenced as a second felony offender.

Jeffrey Newton is currently serving 25 years in prison for his role in the brutal attack.

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