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California “Dream Act” approved for illegal immigrants

July 25, 2011 2 comments

Jerry Brown border bacilli given all access to invade your paycheck and tax funded educational institutions by your ever caring-benevolent-fightin’ fer freedumb-gubmint.

When you’re searching the couch cushions to collect the necessary tuition to send your White children to college, be sure to take a moment and look out your mortgaged-to-the-hilt chicken coop and wave to pockmarked  Paco, the hepatitis carrying, White despising LaRaza-roach, as he makes his way across McAmerica’s open borders, on its way to that free Whitey paid school gig. 


California “Dream Act” approved for illegal immigrants

ReutersBy Alex Dobuzinskis | Reuters – 1 hr 47 mins ago


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Monday a bill allowing illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state’s public colleges and universities.

The bill, dubbed the California Dream Act, passed the state Legislature earlier this month and aims at helping illegal immigrants who have earned a high school diploma after attending at least three years of high school in the state.

“At the end of the day, if we’re going to continue as a powerful, equal-opportunity society, we’re going to have to invest in our people,” Brown, a Democrat, said at the signing ceremony in the library of a Los Angeles community college.

The state law is named after a national bill introduced in Congress last year to give young, undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years a path to citizenship through college or military service.

The federal bill failed to win passage in December 2010, and its chances have dimmed since a Republican majority took control of the House of Representatives this year.

Critics say the California Dream Act gives illegal immigrants a false promise, because their immigration status will not change after graduating from college, and they will remain unable to find legal employment.

The new law merely makes undocumented students who qualify eligible for private scholarships. Many are unable to otherwise afford more than a two-year degree from a community college.

A separate bill under consideration in the legislature would allow illegal immigrants to qualify for publicly funded scholarships as well.

State law already allows illegal immigrants in California who qualify for admission to a four-year state university to pay in-state tuition rather than the more expensive out-of-state tuition rate.

But four-year institutions are still beyond reach for many undocumented students without financial aid.

Twelve other states also grant in-state tuition eligibility to illegal immigrants based on attendance and graduation from a state high school, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina and Indiana bar illegal immigrants from in-state tuition benefits.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Steve Gorman and Jerry Norton and Todd Eastham)

Bye Bye White American Pie

March 27, 2011 1 comment

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
America used to make me smile
And I knew our kids had a place
That was just for their peoples’ race

But 2011 made me wonder
About our kinfolks falling numbers
Bad news on the internet
Genocide took one more step

I can remember how Liberals laughed
And Jews just smiled with deadly wrath
Our countries going down so fast
Looks like our time has past

So bye, bye White American pie
Sold your birthright to the non-White
How your children will cry
And them Republican boys line their pockets with lies
Sighing, I guess the west will just have to die
I guess the west will just have to die

Once our cities were so clean
Streets were safe and houses gleamed
But the bible thumpers cried
That the Negro was denied
Now he rapes and kills your pride
And all you do is run away and hide

Well I know you think we’re equal
That Mestizos are just the sequel
But that Marxist yarn ain’t true
They come to take and conquer you

In 1965 they changed our nation
Jews and traitors changed immigration
Instead of Whites we now get Haitians
That’s how your country dies

Democrats are singin’
Bye, bye White American pie
Sold your birthright to the non-White
How your children will cry
And them Republican boys just line their pockets with lies
Sighing, I guess the west will just have to die
I guess the west will just have to die.

_The number of non-Hispanic whites, whose median age is now 41, edged up slightly to 196.8 million. Declining birth rates meant their share of the total U.S. population dropped over the last decade from 69 percent to roughly 64 percent.


What’s in a dream?

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

DREAM Act students vow revolution after act fails in the Senate

“This is war!” claims Phoenix student Aldemar Cruz. “Republicans may have stopped the DREAM Act, but they won’t prevent La Reconquista from happening. “White people, watch out!”

Don’t fret, my little mudpie. Repudlikins pull their skirts over their collective heads at the mere mention of “Racist!” These Fox news fags talk a tough game, but they won’t lift a pudgy propositional digit against you. You should find them, knees quaking, under their beds.

Olivia Perez, an undocumented student who claims she was forced to fill out false paperwork in order to stay in the United States, says, “Latinos need to fight back. We need to march. We need to scream. If necessary, we need to riot. We need to do everything Blacks did to get their civil rights!”

And what will Teabaggers do to confront this? Another powdered wig march by chubby, disillusioned Reagan-era patriotards? This is the group that thinks if non-Whites simply go through the legal immigration process and read lots-n-lots of Ayn Rand, they’ll become productive, assimilating little lambs (like them), and not remain the disease carrying, violent shitskins they are.

The DREAM Act would have provided amnesty for many children of undocumented immigrants who had no choice in their arrival to the United States. It would have also provided amnesty to all of their family members who come from lands that were stolen by the United States.

This is the non-Whites’ mentality, White folk. They’ll gladly take it out on your children if you don’t stop the invasion.

The only choice these brown-skinned bacilli should be given is– go back to Meh-hee-co and never come back–
or face the consequences of physical retribution. That’s the only message that resonates with third world savages.


Mexican jumping beans

December 9, 2010 1 comment

While your wife and daughter are scanned, ogled and groped by airport security Uruk-hai, little brown turds from the southern septic tank known as “Meh-hee-co”  flit through unmolested, much like they do at our unprotected  border.

Yes, there’s something special in the air. And it smells like a filthy barrio…

Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security


As violent drug cartels take over Mexico and expand their criminal enterprises north, the United States has signed a “trusted traveler” agreement that allows pre-screened Mexican airline passengers to bypass lengthy airport security checkpoints.

The foreigners will get “trusted traveler cards” with fingerprints and other biometric data and they must answer customs declarations questions on touch-screen kiosks before leaving airport inspection areas. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claims it’s a way to enhance information sharing and mutual security in the face of “ever-evolving, multinational threats.”

About 84 million Mexicans are expected to qualify for the trusted traveler program, according to Mexico’s Interior Ministry Secretary, who signed the agreement on behalf of his country this week. Celebrating the festive occasion, the Mexican government official assured that the new accord will facilitate the U.S. entry of business travelers and tourists who are key factors in economic development, growth of trade and cultural exchange.

Mexicans will get the perk through the U.S. government’s Global Entry Program, which allows participants to obtain security clearance by presenting a “machine-readable” passport or resident card at airport “Global Entry kiosks.” The machines issue the foreign travelers a transaction receipt and directions to baggage claim and the exit into the United States. Applying is easy. Candidates fill out an online application, provide valid identification and answer a few questions from a Customs and Border Protection officer.

While Napolitano was in Mexico finalizing the trusted traveler agreement this week, she also took the opportunity to sign a “letter of intent” to develop a plan for protecting immigrants from criminal attacks as they cross the border—illegally—into the U.S. Mexican officials have long complained that American law enforcement officers stand by as illegal immigrants are robbed, killed or violently beaten. Napolitano has committed to reducing the risk to life and security of migrants, according to the Mexican minister.