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Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Death row Duane avoids gettin’ extinct-n-shit as Supreme Kikes of McAmerica decide racial reality, facts and state rights have no place in feral-federal jewstice sewer system.


Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution


Liberal lapdogs and Kikenvermin Marxists allow toe-faced tarbaby to continue its leisurely stay in taxpayer funded Super-Ape motel.


The Supreme Court made the rare decision to step in and order a stay of execution for Duane Edward Buck in Texas, hours before he was to die, because the jury sentencing him to death was told that Buck posed a greater threat to public safety because of his race.

The justices still must determine whether they will review the Buck case, so this stay may not last very long. But at a time when Rick Perry is running for President, it’s a significant reversal that could cause further scrutiny of the death penalty system in Texas.

“We are relieved that the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the obvious injustice of allowing a defendant’s race to factor into sentencing decisions,” his attorney, Kate Black, said in a statement.

“No one should be put to death based on the color of his or her skin,” she added.

Perry, his Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles either refused to hear the plea for clemency or recommended against it. But this is a serious constitutional issue. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an inmate whose death sentence was reversed because of a race-based appeal made in sentencing. John Cornyn was Attorney General at the time, and he listed six cases where prosecutors relied on race-based arguments in death penalty cases. Specifically, an expert witness testified that the African-American defendants had a greater propensity for “future dangerousness,” a consideration in Texas death penalty cases, solely because of their race. Of the six cases, five received a new sentencing hearing (those cases were pending in federal court; only Buck’s was in state court). But for some reason, Buck did not. One of the state prosecutors who worked on the case, who has now come forward to say that Buck should get a new trial, simply assumed that he already had one, based on the Cornyn order in 2000. It’s not Buck’s guilt or innocence that’s at issue, it’s this serious misconduct at trial by the prosecution.

State prosecutors won a lower court case arguing that Buck’s Constitutional rights were not violated, but his lawyers appealed up to the Supreme Court. And now they have a stay of execution while the justices review the case. This doesn’t even mean that Buck won’t still get death for the murders; in the other cases, the inmates were re-sentenced to death. But it does mean that he would get a new sentencing trial, because race-based appeals like this violate the federal Constitution.

Hanging over this is the extreme surety with which Perry touts the “very thoughtful, very clear process” for death sentencing in Texas. That’s obviously not true in this case, and hopefully this will force a reckoning from major media on other cases. Like Cameron Todd Willingham, perhaps.


Cut From a Dissident Cloth

September 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Parasitic zoot-snoots tear into French fashion designer, look to attire themselves in law-suit and remuneration  for getting their poor little feelings hurt. French government wets its pantaloons-discounts national sovereignty and liberty to placate Jewish merchant-master.

Insult a French man in France, receive no rebuke. But insult a Jew…

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  • Fashion icon John Galliano (pictured here in June) was on Thursday convicted of anti-Semitism …

Fashion icon John Galliano was Thursday convicted of anti-Semitism for hurling abuse at bar patrons in Paris’ Jewish quarter in a career-breaking outburst he has blamed on drink and drugs. {Ed.-Hey John, take it from me, even when you’re sober, JEWS SUCK.}

But the 50-year-old British designer, who faced a maximum of six months in jail in the French trial, received a much lower sentence with suspended fines totalling 6,000-euro (£5,200, $8,400).

The designer, who was sacked in disgrace as creative head of the French couture house Christian Dior over the scandal, stayed away from Thursday’s hearing, leaving his lawyers to hear the verdict.

The Paris criminal court found him guilty of proffering anti-Semitic insults in a public place — an offence under French law — when he clashed with bar patrons in the capital’s Marais district on two occasions, in February this year and October 2010. {Ed.-Oh, the irony of this to happen in the birth place of classic liberalism.}

The court also ordered him to pay a symbolic euro in damages to each of his victims, as well as to five anti-racism groups that were plaintiffs in the case. He was also ordered to cover the legal costs of four anti-racism bodies.{Ed.-Wouldn’t you like to cash in every time someone called you a name you didn’t like?}

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Film Projection

May 8, 2011 3 comments

Once again lefty film makers pull out the moth-eaten remains of  perennial celluloid fall guys, the “Nazis'” in order to produce a movie that won’t inadvertently offend someone besides White Germans, whose excoriation, humiliation and demonization can and will be implemented, unfettered by the PC restraints that would keep them from casting non-Whites in such a light.

After all, we couldn’t make our antagonists be, say, a parasitic tribe of hooked nosed Marxists, dominating  global financial institutions and using its power to suck dry our economy; or a race of villainous Semitic vermin controlling virtually every facet of our media, whereby they pump out a steady current of anti-White propaganda and distortion of truth, aimed at ultimately destroying White culture;  we could never make our bad guys a cabal of Ashkenazi cultists, infiltrating our government at every top level and using its power to exploit and subjugate western nations…

…But what lies beneath this constant Nazi meme may be the interesting part; the fact is, deep down, these rat-faced  coprophiles and their lib-girl miasma wish they could be Nazis.  the Nazis effused an aura of bad-ass and cool that is unmatched by anything they possess. Could you picture Stalin’s ragged Bolsheviks on the moon? Of course not. But we can picture the technologically gifted Germans of the Reich pulling it off. And nothing oozes Aryan omnipotence quite like an SS uniform. Surely not the baggy green Hefty bags they had our guys wearing.

The relentless denunciation of National Socialist Germany and all things White will ostensibly persist in film and elsewhere, so long as we allow these sinister swine to dictate the terms of engagement. But no matter how much vitriol the enemy rolls out, he will never be us. He will never be WHITE. That one racial fact seems to make for a hell of a lot of bitterness and envy.