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Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Death row Duane avoids gettin’ extinct-n-shit as Supreme Kikes of McAmerica decide racial reality, facts and state rights have no place in feral-federal jewstice sewer system.


Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution


Liberal lapdogs and Kikenvermin Marxists allow toe-faced tarbaby to continue its leisurely stay in taxpayer funded Super-Ape motel.


The Supreme Court made the rare decision to step in and order a stay of execution for Duane Edward Buck in Texas, hours before he was to die, because the jury sentencing him to death was told that Buck posed a greater threat to public safety because of his race.

The justices still must determine whether they will review the Buck case, so this stay may not last very long. But at a time when Rick Perry is running for President, it’s a significant reversal that could cause further scrutiny of the death penalty system in Texas.

“We are relieved that the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the obvious injustice of allowing a defendant’s race to factor into sentencing decisions,” his attorney, Kate Black, said in a statement.

“No one should be put to death based on the color of his or her skin,” she added.

Perry, his Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles either refused to hear the plea for clemency or recommended against it. But this is a serious constitutional issue. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an inmate whose death sentence was reversed because of a race-based appeal made in sentencing. John Cornyn was Attorney General at the time, and he listed six cases where prosecutors relied on race-based arguments in death penalty cases. Specifically, an expert witness testified that the African-American defendants had a greater propensity for “future dangerousness,” a consideration in Texas death penalty cases, solely because of their race. Of the six cases, five received a new sentencing hearing (those cases were pending in federal court; only Buck’s was in state court). But for some reason, Buck did not. One of the state prosecutors who worked on the case, who has now come forward to say that Buck should get a new trial, simply assumed that he already had one, based on the Cornyn order in 2000. It’s not Buck’s guilt or innocence that’s at issue, it’s this serious misconduct at trial by the prosecution.

State prosecutors won a lower court case arguing that Buck’s Constitutional rights were not violated, but his lawyers appealed up to the Supreme Court. And now they have a stay of execution while the justices review the case. This doesn’t even mean that Buck won’t still get death for the murders; in the other cases, the inmates were re-sentenced to death. But it does mean that he would get a new sentencing trial, because race-based appeals like this violate the federal Constitution.

Hanging over this is the extreme surety with which Perry touts the “very thoughtful, very clear process” for death sentencing in Texas. That’s obviously not true in this case, and hopefully this will force a reckoning from major media on other cases. Like Cameron Todd Willingham, perhaps.


NYC to spend $127M on minority programs for men

August 6, 2011 1 comment

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City will spend $127 million in public and private funds on programs designed to help young black and Latino men.{Ed.-When is the last time you heard about your gubmint funding programs for White people?}

Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg (TAPIR ALERT) will kick in $30 million from his foundation and hedge fund manager George Soros (TAPIR ALERT) will match that amount, according to the mayor’s office. The remaining $67.5 million will be paid by the city. {Ed.-Jew crew licks off some of the cream from tax payer pudding pie}

The Young Men’s Initiative was first reported by The New York Times on Wednesday. The mayor’s office called it the nation’s “boldest and most comprehensive effort to tackle the broad disparities slowing the advancement of black and Latino young men” in a statement. {ED.-PC gubmint has thrown billions at nation’s Black population in lib-girl attempt to make Jambo preoccupy his peanut with something other than bitches, blunts and gang-bangin’}

It will include job placement,{Translation: more affirmative action and quota positions for unqualified ape population} fatherhood classes{Ed.-attempt to curb-Muh dickin’ darkies 70 percent illegitmacy rate} and training for probation officers and school staff on how to help the young men get ahead. More than a dozen city agencies will be involved.

The program will target about 315,000 black and Latino men between the ages of 16 and 24.

Bloomberg is set to announce the program at a community breakfast on Thursday.

One key component will be an overhaul of the Department of Probation, which supervises{Ed.-Lol “supervises.” As if these non-White criminals are the accounting staff at Paychex.} nearly 30,000 New Yorkers, most of whom are black and Latino males, according to the mayor’s office. The department will open five satellite offices in neighborhoods with high populations of at-risk youth,{Translation: “Niggas wit ah attitude!” the only risk is the one Whites face from these marauding monkeys.}  with the aim of connecting men on probation to work and educational opportunities and reducing recidivism.{Ed.-While they rob hard working, law abiding White families of the means necessary to live.}

Of the funds, $18 million will go to “transformative mentoring and literacy services {Ed.-Leon: “Fuck you, honkey! Ize aint’s readin’ dat dare honkey books ah yaws! Nah gets me ah plasma, bitch, foe ize beat yaw honkey azz!”}, an according to a news release, while $24 million will go to a school program called the Expanded Success Initiative. The latter aims to close the so-called achievement gap between racial and ethnic groups in graduation rates.{Translation: Niggers and Mestizos IQ lower than White IQ, just as every test/study has confirmed. No amount of cash, trade-ins, or rebate coupons will purchase assimilation, civility and cognitive ability for them.} The city will also announce new measures to “hold schools accountable” for the performance of black and Latino boys.{Ed.-teachers held at egalitarian gun point. White man’s burden grows heavier as dim-witted denizens of Ape city and Burrito bay sent forth into society with undeserved accreditation by teachers worried about losing pensions by actually flunking swarms of coconut-headed Congoids and Laraza loafers.} 

Another $25 million will expand Jobs-Plus, which works with residents of public housing projects. Ed.-Everybody greased in gubmint agency rub-down.}

The mayor will issue an executive order barring city agencies from creating unnecessary barriers to city jobs for applicants from criminal convictions. {Translation: Renaldo the raping rhesus from Rosedale now in charge of child welfare.}

Earlier Wednesday, the mayor said he raised $1.5 million from anonymous private donors to resume statewide January Regents testing, exams that are critical to thousands of college-bound students. The tests were canceled after budget cuts and Bloomberg said 80 percent of the students hurt by the change were black or Latino. But critics said the lack of transparency raised questions about donors’ motives.{Ed.-Oh, I think we here at Red Robin are well aware of their “motives”.}


Propaganda In A Can

July 19, 2011 2 comments

Laughable article from local news-wits, serves up usual lib-girl blend of nonsense and teen beat sensationalism.

First,  the picture they provide is taken at the worst angle you could provide to capture the ‘offending symbol.’ From the picture, it looks more like randomly looped lines of paint, hardly what they claim it to be.

Then, these tabloid toadies drop in the hilarious line: “A Nazi swastika on the sidewalk — just a few steps from the symbol for anarchy.” Suddenly, the Nazis, perpetually branded with the defamatory distinction of being cold, brutal, right-wing authoritarians, are now cozily placed ideologically by pot smoking leftist college students.

It’s also rather curious how these Marxist magpies never seem to have any trouble with the vulgar epithets and ghetto gang slang that covers many areas, usually aerosoled by Blacks and their wigger wanna-bees.

Finally, the article is dripping with girlish emotionalism. Gone are the days of factual, masculine reporting. Now, it’s all about hurt feelings and Oprah coon-swooning.

Anyone with one-third the IQ of an anteater can see right through this canard. Luckily for these Egalitarian apparatchiks of the snooze media, most of metrosexual McAmerica is as cognitively thick as that Victor sidewalk.

Sidewalks, mailboxes tagged with Nazi symbols in Victor

Posted at: 07/19/2011 1:54 PM | Updated at: 07/19/2011 8:19 PM
By: Berkeley Brean |

One quiet neighborhood in Victor is covered tonight with Nazi symbols. Police think a gang of four men walked through the neighborhood and tagged homes, mailboxes and cars with swastikas. They also hit the playgrounds at the school district.

This is not a violent crime but the people in this neighborhood feel violated.

A Nazi swastika on the sidewalk — just a few steps from the symbol for anarchy. Mailboxes got hit and so did stop signs.

“I think it’s awful since there are little kids all over this neighborhood and they’re out there playing. It’s summertime.” Christine Sears had even more things spray painted at her place. She had to explain it to her kids. “Well we took a walk this morning and they were asking questions. (It was) kind of hard to answer the questions.”

When they were done at the Sears’ home, the vandals made it to the Pierson home. They tagged the mailbox stand and their car.

Dawn Pierson woke up this morning to see the damage. “My husband usually parks at the end of the driveway so I think they walked up the sidewalks and hit whatever they could. We’re just doing our own thing. We’re not bothering anybody and they come through decorated and that wasn’t really nice.”

The sheriff’s office says the playgrounds at the Victor school campus and some of the storage buildings were tagged with the same graffiti. When News 10NBC went to the school, they weren’t aware of it. We were not allowed on campus to get video.

Sheriff’s investigators talked to one neighbor who remembered seeing four males with backpacks. He told police they “didn’t appear to belong in the neighborhood.”

Police say what he meant by that is that he didn’t recognize them, that they looked out of place.  That’s the lead they’re working on. {ED.-Interesting. Almost seems Donut-munchers want to cover-up something here. Were the vandals possibly non-White, and this is what the witness meant by his comment?}

For more Rochester, N.Y. news go to our website

Republicans on Parade

June 14, 2011 4 comments

As the withered, tuneless troubadour known as the Republican Party rolls out their playmate politicians Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, in a desperate attempt to become Bunny-In-Chief and bump their libgirl twin sister from the centerfold spread, I began wondering just who would be the best competitive choice for these lefty-lite losers.

After all, they’ve tried like Trotsky to out-liberal the liberals with their support of open borders, amnesty, Draconian laws, commitment to anti-White hiring practices, etc. They’ve even spent their last few years dry humping the Tea Party movement in a last ditch effort to avoid flat-lining across McAmerica. So what candidates would be a serious threat to the Mulatto Messiah and his posse of pickle-snooted puppeteers?

Here’s my “Top of the GOPs”:

1. Bachmann/Palin–Sex sells and it would sure sell better to the masses of asses to see these two bimbos  campaigning in short tight mini-skirts and copious amounts of cleavage. A bikini clad  Jello-wrestling contest to decide the ‘Pudlickin representative for 2012 would draw millions of viewers, most of whom care about real issues about as much as Shannon Sharpe cares about pronunciation.

2. Richard Ramirez–Sure, he’s doing life for rape and murder, but what better face to put out front for the “Hispanic” vote! The ‘Pudlickins have been groveling at the Latrino’s filthy refried feet for years; now’s the chance to show their bleeting commitment to anti-Whiteness and DIE-versity! Hail Satan and viva La Raza!

3. Barack Obama–I know he’s a Dumbocrat, but is there really any difference between these two phoney, Jewified political fronts? It sure would make rigging, er, I mean, computing the voter tallies a breeze for all those intellectually challenged affirmative action apes the gubmint loves hiring.

4. Mike Tyson–He’s completely broke and owes the IRS a fortune after pissing away 400 million in typical Negro fashion. Why not reach out to the former heavyweight champ? Can you just picture the look on Obama’s puss at the presidential debates when Iron Mike tells Barack he’s going to make him his girlfriend?

5. That Hebe housemaid on that TV sitcom ‘Different Strokes.’ I have no idea why I’ve included her, but I’m willing to bet she’d be less of a philo-Semitic pole smoker than Romney or Huckabee.

Dare to dream, my ‘Pudlickin porkies, as you hemorrhage against the dying of the White.

Facebook Follies

May 29, 2011 4 comments

Along my posting peregrinations on social networking sights it never fails to amaze me when I encounter the delusional, self-hating White. You know the type; always insisting that the only difference between the races is their color, completely ignoring scientific data that refutes such a laughable statement, then going on to claim how better off we’d all be if we were all one big happy brown band of bruthas.












The anti-White’s wet dream: “Tan everyman”

I always think to myself what a bleak, blurred portrait these egalitarian artisans paint for the future. It’s a world without the insightful philosophy of the Greeks; no Socrates, Plato or Aristotle in this brown-new-world, I’m afraid. None of the great technological feats of the Etruscans or Romans; No aqueducts, dams, bridges…No Sistine Chapel, none of the beatutiful works of Michelangelo, because we would have no Michealangelos in this non-White frescoe.






The creativity and genius of the White race

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci? Gone. Along with  Darwin, Newton, Galileo, and a host of other White men who have left their legendary mark on civilization. Not to be, I’m afraid, in this ideological invention of the liberal mind. Just as Shakespeare or Tolstoy, Steinbeck or Voltaire…Their words expunged from our history by the genocidal judgement of the one-color-fits-all cabal.
No Bach, Beethoven, Wagner….No Edison, Tesla, Ford…But worst of all, in my opinion, the elimination of the beauty of our White women. No more golden blondes, ravishing red heads or silken haired brunettes; no blue eyes or green eyes; their supple alabaster skin marred and diffused through the Marxist filter forever.











The unique and precious diversity of White female beauty–worth fighting for


None of this exists or shall be allowed to exist in the anti-White domain of the liberal. His is a dark world; a planetary Puerto Rico of molten mediocrity and deracinated detachment.

From whence did this suicidal cult arise? Was it born of the Jewish “march through the institutions” that led to the cataclismic sixties? Was it classical liberalism? Maybe we need to go back farther to Christianity to find this seed of demographic doom. Another subject for another day, I suppose.
One thing I am certain about is that it is not a world I would want for myself and my folk. And even the other races do want their identity to be swallowed up into a sea of sameness. One has to only take a cursory glance at the multitudinous amounts of Jewish, Black and Mestizo organizations and groups to know that tribes are alive and well and ready to fight for survival. Even Whites, though not allowed the same racial freedom of association as other non-White groups, and inundated endlessly with pro-race mixing memes, still prefer to be with their own and breed with their own. The occurence of White flight when a neighborhood reaches that swarthy, violent tipping point, is proof enough.
So the question then comes to this, I suppose; are these anti-White limp -wrists willing to fight and die for their “What can brown do for you” ideology? Because I can assure these tolerance twinkies and multi-racial moon pies that we White people are willing to defend our children, our culture, and our RACE from their apocalyptic, generic gene fantasies.

Molon labe, libgirls.   

Film Projection

May 8, 2011 3 comments

Once again lefty film makers pull out the moth-eaten remains of  perennial celluloid fall guys, the “Nazis'” in order to produce a movie that won’t inadvertently offend someone besides White Germans, whose excoriation, humiliation and demonization can and will be implemented, unfettered by the PC restraints that would keep them from casting non-Whites in such a light.

After all, we couldn’t make our antagonists be, say, a parasitic tribe of hooked nosed Marxists, dominating  global financial institutions and using its power to suck dry our economy; or a race of villainous Semitic vermin controlling virtually every facet of our media, whereby they pump out a steady current of anti-White propaganda and distortion of truth, aimed at ultimately destroying White culture;  we could never make our bad guys a cabal of Ashkenazi cultists, infiltrating our government at every top level and using its power to exploit and subjugate western nations…

…But what lies beneath this constant Nazi meme may be the interesting part; the fact is, deep down, these rat-faced  coprophiles and their lib-girl miasma wish they could be Nazis.  the Nazis effused an aura of bad-ass and cool that is unmatched by anything they possess. Could you picture Stalin’s ragged Bolsheviks on the moon? Of course not. But we can picture the technologically gifted Germans of the Reich pulling it off. And nothing oozes Aryan omnipotence quite like an SS uniform. Surely not the baggy green Hefty bags they had our guys wearing.

The relentless denunciation of National Socialist Germany and all things White will ostensibly persist in film and elsewhere, so long as we allow these sinister swine to dictate the terms of engagement. But no matter how much vitriol the enemy rolls out, he will never be us. He will never be WHITE. That one racial fact seems to make for a hell of a lot of bitterness and envy.

Happy Birthday Red Robin!

March 15, 2011 1 comment

Happy first Birthday to the Red Robin Chronicles, a site dedicated to tearing down the idols of looney libtards and auditing the cooked books on Black violence and crime statistics. A site that stands unwavering to the commitment of  unmasking the anti-White genocidal policies of world Jewry and mocking the craven complicity of Republican falter-boys and Clownservative catamites.

Yes, such a site will inevitably hurt the frail feelings of Faux-news fags….








..And mankind’s enemy will  surely be affected…








But fear not, Zionist rapture-bunnies, and pickle-snooted parasites; Red Robin “feels your pain” and is here to help!


By providing you with our blog standard wailing wall.