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War Fatigue

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment



Pew Bias? Poll says 6 in 10 vets have ‘isolationist inclinations’

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, October 05, 2011

I originally posted this today at The American Conservative blog, @TAC

Buried in an amazing poll released by the Pew Research Center today that says 1 in 3 post-9/11 veterans believe the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were ‘not worth fighting,’ is an assertion that 6 in 10 such veterans polled also have ‘isolationist inclinations’ simply because they believe “the United States should pay less attention to problems overseas {Ed.Like sending our soldiers to die for shitty Israel and their pernicious, pickle-snooted populous} and concentrate on problems here at home.”

This bit of editorializing by Pew is interesting, and shows how successful the establishment/neoconservative message machine has been in propagating the belief that anyone who wants to pull back from our global military adventures to concentrate on the devolution of our fiscal stability at home is an “isolationist.’ The outrageous thing is that here, we are actually talking about people who fought in the wars. Those pushing the ‘isolationist’ meme with such vigor — think Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Steven Hayes –  have never picked up a gun, much less sat in a line to pick up a measly prescription at a VA pharmacy. Sure, Sen. John McCain, who likes to fling around the isolationist charge quite a bit, was a Navy pilot and POW, but he’s still fighting Vietnam, and thinks every war is worth a go today, and is willing to put every last man and woman in harm’s way to prove it.

But when 1 in 3 soldiers say fighting the wars was “not worth it,” especially those who leave countries still teetering on the brink, come home to apathy and no jobs  (11.5% unemployment rate for post-9/11 vets), marriages on the rocks (51%), disconnected from their children (44%) and suffering from post-traumatic stress (37%), I’d say their “inclinations” to refocus on the homefront are much better informed than the elitist warmongers whose dirtless fingernails have been drumming conference tables for the last 10 years, not the butt of a weapon or a bedside table at Walter Reed.

No, it’s not isolationist, it’s realistic.

But don’t think these vets have gone soft on war or the military as an institution: “84% of all post-9/11 veterans who served in a war zone would advise a young person to join (the military),” according to Pew.

And the beat goes on.


Days of WineHouse and Roses

July 23, 2011 1 comment

Another drug addicted, alcoholic, vile Jew has bitten the dust. Along with it her crappy tabloid escapades and talentless drug induced concert ramblings. 

The mainstream will no doubt hold her up as a pinnacle of talent, but in all reality she was just another industry created tramp.

But her personal life, with its drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and destructive relationships, soon took over her career. READ MORE

Silver-Back Seat Driver

March 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Ophadell the gummy-worm craniumed coon goes “opha” da line and turns coach into opened can of King Oscar’s, leaving interstate littered with street meat as latest attempt by idiotic integration illiberals takes a wrong turn with Grape-Ape behind the wheel.

Sambo-chauffeur also sports impressive TNB resume of stabbin’ grabbin’ and license-less  taxi-cabbin’.

Ophadell Williams, bus driver in horrific crash, did prison time for manslaughter, forgery

BY John Lauinger, Simone Weichselbaum and Bill Hutchinson

Originally Published:Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 6:36 AM
Updated: Tuesday, March 15th 2011, 12:22 PM

“…Well, da first thang ah remember is ize was feelin ah breeze, so ize yale back to da honkeys… hey! roll dem muthafuckin’ windas up, jack! Well, den ize happens ta looks up an ah seez dat da bus aint’s gots no roof anymoes!
Nuh, Ize seems ta recollect dat da bus dun hav a roofs when ize gots in it, so ize start thinkin.. damn Ophadell, dis am gonna neg-ah-tiv-ely affects ya insurance premium. If ize hads insurance, dat is ta say…”
NBC New York

Ophadell Williams’ driving privileges were suspended after he ignored tickets for speeding and driving without a license in 1995, The Associated Press reported.

The bus driver in the horrific Bronx crash had two criminal convictions: for stabbing a man to death and stealing from the Police Athletic League.

Ophadell Williams‘ troubling history emerged Monday as the toll from Saturday’s accident rose to 15 with the death of a 70-year-old man.

Williams shouldn’t even have been at the wheel – his driving privileges were suspended after he ignored tickets for speeding and driving without a license in 1995, The Associated Press reported.

Williams, of Brooklyn,  is expected to speak to investigators Tuesday. His past prompted Gov. Cuomo to order the state inspector general to investigate how he “was able to obtain and retain a commercial driver’s license.”


His rap sheet also raised questions about what kind of background check he got before being hired by the World Wide Travel bus line. Officials said Williams, “in concert with other people,” fatally stabbed a man in Brooklyn in 1990 – when he went by the name Eric Williams. He served two years in prison for manslaughter.

A source said Williams was arrested again in 1997 for forging a PAL check for $83,905. Convicted of grand larceny, he was imprisoned from 1998 to 2002.

“How could he have such an important job, taking people’s lives in his hands?” said Patrick Wang, whose brother-in-law Michael Leh, 66, of Brooklyn, was killed in the crash.

A tearful Ling Chow, 57, of Chinatown, said her parents, Kam Ming Eng, 81, and Yuk Chun Eng, 78, of Bellmore, L.I., lost their lives too soon. “They were waiting for great-grandchildren,” she said.

Kerlyne Innocent, 32, of Brooklyn, Williams’ co-defendant in the PAL ripoff, called him “the Devil.”

Innocent, an ex-PAL worker, said Williams, 40, told her he was a cop and coaxed her into sneaking him blank PAL checks.

“I only know him for who he was at that time, a liar, a manipulator and impersonator; everything bad, nothing good,” said Innocent,  who received five years’ probation for her role  in the scam.

Williams initially told cops he lost control of the bus on Interstate 95 after a big rig sideswiped him. Investigators have found no credible evidence backing his story. Passengers told cops Williams nodded off at the wheel several times right before the bus careened out of control at 5:35 a.m.

The coach, carrying 32 passengers back to Chinatown from the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut, toppled and skidded into a freeway signpost.

Authorities were trying to identify two fatalities and one man in critical condition.

In addition to Leh, a retired grocery manager, and the Engs, the other victims were identified as May Lin Wong and her husband, Ock Thling Wong, 83, of Chinatown; Bing Fong Lee of Brooklyn; Miguel Aquino, 55; Jose Garcia; Don Lee, 76; Biqin Mei; Ninh Tran; Yang Xian, and Jian Hua Wang, 40.

Six passengers were in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, with four of them on respirators.

With Alison Gendar Kerry Wills, Irving DeJohn and Daniel Beekman

Torch Monkey

March 2, 2011 2 comments

Nigerian nanny goes out to pick up some collard greens and ripple as children she was supposed to be caring for are slow roasted in day care crock-pot.

Move this story to Sub-Saharan ‘Freaka, and you can picture this brood-ape gamboling off to feed her prognathic puss with a handful of plump grubs from under yonder rock, while a lion saunters in and devours 25 percent of the tribes’ niglets. Well, maybe that’s a stretch. I mean, even a lion has its cibarious limits.

Expecting these low-IQ, r-reproductive strategy Kingsford kid cookin’ coons to assimilate into our societies is not only sheer liberal lunacy, it’s a serious threat to our White existence.

Crimesider February 28, 2011 7:14 PM

Jessica Tata flees to Nigeria after day care fire kills four, says Houston fire dept.

Jessica Tata flees to Nigeria after day care fire kills four, says Houston fire dept. 

“…Yessuh, Ize nev-ah done thinks abot dat blunt ize left ah burnin’ in duh cribs wit dat picaninny…”

Emergency Personnel respond to daycare fire

(Credit: AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Michael Paulsen)

(CBS/KHOU) HOUSTON – Jessica Tata, the operator of a Houston home day care center who was charged Monday with reckless injury to a child, has fled to Nigeria, the Houston Fire Department confirmed.

Authorities said the department has asked the U.S. Marshal’s Office

to intervene to have Jessica Tata extradited back to Houston, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.

Tata, 22, was charged after the fire killed four children and injured three others at the  day care last week, the Harris County district attorney’s office confirmed Sunday.

A warrant was issued for Tata’s arrest Sunday and bond was set at $500,000. She apparently fled hours later.

Tata is charged in connection with the death of 3-year-old Shomari Dickerson.

If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

It’s not clear if Tata will face additional charges.

Tata is accused of leaving Shomari and six other toddlers alone at the day care while she went to the grocery store, according to the charging document.

“I’m sorry, no there’s no forgiveness for anyone who makes an income watching children and has an audacity to leave them for one second,” Shomari’s grandmother, Tracy Storms, told KHOU.

Storms believes Tata should face capital murder charges in the case.

Meanwhile, Tata’s family spoke publicly for the first time on Monday.

“Since the accident, my family has never been the same, and I don’t think we’ll be the same because it’s very horrible,” said Josie Tata, Jessica’s mother.

Josie said she hasn’t talked to her daughter since Friday.

Her brother wouldn’t comment on her whereabouts, but said he felt sympathy for the victims.

“We feel very, very bad for what happened to the families,” said Ron Tata. “We love them and we pray for them every single day. We are opening up a benefit account.”

Investigators believe the fire started in a pot of oil left unattended on the kitchen stove.

Two neighbors told investigators they saw Tata drive up to the day care around 2 p.m.. When she opened the front door, smoke poured out and she began screaming for help.

The neighbors also said they saw groceries on the lawn and inside the van.

A source with the Houston Police Department told KHOU they have surveillance video of Tata at a nearby grocery store around the time the fire broke out.

Seven toddlers were pulled from the burning building and rushed to area hospitals. Doctors weren’t able to save Shomari, 20-month-old Elizabeth Kojah, 20-month-old Kendyll Stradford or 18-month-old Elias Castillo.

Shomari’s 2-year-old sister, MaKayla, is one of two children still hospitalized at Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston. Both remain in critical but stable condition but are showing signs of improvement, a hospital spokeswoman JoAnn Zuniga said Sunday.

No specific information on the children’s injuries was released. However, Dr. David Herndon, the Shriners Hospital chief of staff, said in a statement that “we are very hopeful for full recovery of patients who have these types of injuries.”