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February 24, 2011 1 comment

Totem-headed ‘York-Orc follows in snivel rights pimp Malcolm Magnesia’s paw-prints by racking up TNB that would make even her Malc-daddy beam with Black pride.

Rap-sheet includes identity theft and forgery, so this writer assumes Dennis Haybert’s Mastercard is being declined at the KFC drive-thru window at this very moment…

Daughter of Malcolm X arrested in NC on NY charges

Former heavyweight champ and TV star “Big” George Foremen poses for pic on publicity tour for The Foremen grill…
AP – This Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 booking photo provided by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office shows Malikah …
Mon Feb 21, 9:35 pm ET

MARS HILL, N.C. – The daughter of Malcolm X was being held in a North Carolina jail and could be extradited to New York to face charges on several outstanding warrants, authorities said Monday.

Malikah Shabazz was arrested Friday night after authorities responded to a call to a Mars Hill home, said Chief Deputy Michael Garrison of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators found that the 45-year-old had several outstanding warrants from Queens, N.Y., that include charges for grand larceny, forgery and identity theft.

Garrison and her lawyer, Sean Devereux, said Shabazz is the daughter of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X, who is also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. She was born months after Malcolm X was assassinated exactly 46 years ago Monday.

Shabazz is scheduled to appear for an extradition hearing Tuesday.

Devereux said the warrants appear to be from 2009 but that she was never served with the papers. Her attorneys are not sure about the circumstances of the charges. He said prosecutors in New York have known her most recent address in South Carolina, where she owned a home and had a driver’s license.

“The notion that she fled New York is really not the case,” Devereux said.

Devereux said Shabazz is not fighting extradition and is eager to go to New York and deal with the matter. She’s mostly concerned about her 13-year-old daughter, who was in the custody of the local Department of Social Services, Devereux said.

Shabazz is being held at a jail in neighboring Haywood County because Madison County does not have facilities to hold women.

Devereux said she recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina to find a peaceful place to live. Authorities came to the house Friday night as social workers investigated a call that a child was not attending school, he said, noting that Shabazz’s daughter is home-schooled.

Shabazz is not facing charges in North Carolina, Garrison said.


Martin Luther Coon day

January 17, 2011 13 comments

I’m afraid it’s that time again, Red Robin readers. Yes, it’s “Marchin’ Lootin’ King day”, the day where we Whites are forced to apotheosize  this Commie Coon-King as a venerated saint in the PC pantheon of  White culture destroying heroes.

Of course this a gubmint holiday. Gives all those affirmative action pound-puppies a day off to wash down an order of Popeye’s with a quart of malt liquor while grumbling about Whitey. basically, the same things they do when they are working.

PBS and liberal litter-box liners will sure to be loaded up full Marxist racket, singing the praises of this bog-boog and crying about all the social and economic disadvantages “da blacks dones gots in dis racist country.”  They won’t mention that Martin Luther wasn’t even his real name. Or that he plagiarized the works of others and continued to do so up to his death. (Yep, even “I have a dream” was poached by this charlatan-‘shine.) They won’t mention that he was handled and manipulated by a Communist Jew named Stanley Levison. Or his adulterous affairs. Hell, even the night before this jig was plugged, he was sexually abusing White whores in his hotel room. They won’t tell you King’s widow received a 1977 Federal court order which sealed the huge FBI file on her husband for 50 years, “because its release would destroy his reputation!” No, you’ll hear no words about the real Mikey King.

Instead, you and the dwindling White families across McAmerica will be pistol whipped with White guilt and bludgeoned with the truncheon of  “Black altruism.” Even ‘Pudlickins will supplicate themselves before this monkeyed mountebank, and weave his laughable legend into their bizarre quilt of Clown-servatism, which is nothing more than the cheap thread bare cloak of liberalism the Dumpy-crats and their Kiken-vermin commissars have been peddling for the last 60 odd years.

So, in honor of “Martin Luther King day, we will be featuring everyday this week, a post exalting “Black accomplishments.” We hope you enjoy.

Link to Martin Luther king-The true story.