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The collateral damage of misplaced altruism

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Third world nigger refuse brutally beat young innocent White girl for her lack of “jungle fever.” This incident comes as no surprise given the facts that Blacks commit a 5000 percent greater amount of hate crimes than Whites, along with the knowledge that they will be handled with Yid gloves, since nancy-boy White men of McAmerica (AKA Republicans) will cower in fear at the mere mention of the opprobrium, “Racist!”

Yes, safer and easier to just bury the story and pretend it didn’t happen. What’s a hundred or so White girls raped and beaten per day by rapture-bunny imported Bush-Orcs, compared to keeping the illusion of the egalitarian propositional nation going for these Rush Limpdick fops. Hell, they just White flight their aging asses to better, Whiter digs.

This is what your daughters will be facing-if they aren’t already-in the environs of the public school system, as these Jenkum-Jigs pour into your cities, towns and villages like a fucking simian tsunami.

Thanks to White genocidal minded Jews and ‘Pudlickin’ patsies, our children are beginning to get a taste of the horrors that are being inflicted upon the White Afrikaners (Another story you’ll hear nothing about from the MSM).

So after the obligatory slap on the paw, these bloodthirsty sexual predators from ‘Freaka will be free to roam about again. Maybe it will be YOUR daughter next, White man.

In a sane White country, with a rational racial policy, these nogs would never be here to commit their mayhem and drag our country down with their dependence on social programs and White charity.

But if they were here, and dared injure a White child in this manner, in a sane White country their brillo-headed carcasses would be ground into asphalt and used to pave the interstate.

(I can almost hear ‘Pudlickins suspiring and pissing themselves at the mere mention of  standing up and being White men)

My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school

My 12 year old daughter’s name is Morgan.  She attends the sixth grade at McLaughlin Middle school in Manchester, NH.  She has always been a well liked girl with lots of friends, and a passion for humanity.  She’s known for standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves giving them a voice and the courage to stand up for themselves.

It came as complete shock when our family received a call from the school nurse stating that Morgan had been involved in a fight and “her mouth is a little screwed up”.  Upon arriving at her school it was very disturbing to see her condition.  Immediately we knew by the blood gushing and her inability to remember her mothers name or phone numbers, she should have been transported to the ER by ambulance.  Instead, she sitting in the nurses office being asked to stop crying.  Stop crying about the teeth that had been punched out of her head?

Apparently two weeks prior to my daughter getting attacked at school, she was punched in the face by one of the boys on the bus.  Being too scared to tell anyone, my daughter never spoke to myself or our family about this incident only telling her sister what had happened.  The bus driver however was well aware of what happened, and reported it a WEEK LATER.  Meanwhile she is receiving threats from these boys that they are going to “f**k up her face so she isn’t pretty anyone”.

The arguments between my daughter and these boys started with  a couple of the boys asking Morgan to be their girlfriend.  When Morgan turned them down, they retaliated by calling her names like “fat ho, lesbian b**ch, c**t, etc…” this goes on for about a month before the first assault on the bus occurs.

Once the principal received notification about the bus incident, he took another week to address it.  Not once was I ever notified that my daughter was assaulted on the bus.  The principal questioned my daughter and the boys that had been threatening her.  The boys were never suspended or removed from school.  Shortly after the conversation the students had with the principal, Morgan was brutally attacked.  First elbowed in the face, followed by 6 to 7 punches knocking her front teeth out and leaving her with a concussion.  It took four teachers to get one of the boys off her.

Adding further negligence to her care, the nurse put her teeth in water which significantly reduces the chance of being able to save the teeth.  Even I know having no medical background, you’re suppose to put a tooth in milk.  As if she wasn’t in enough pain, due to the teeth not being put in milk she had to have the teeth put back into her mouth with out any pain killers because of emergency of time.  The dentist said this was the worst trauma she’s seen to a child’s mouth.  If the teeth end up taking, which there is a 80% chance they won’t, she will have to have at least four root canals among other reconstructive procedures.  In the meantime she has to eat from a straw for the next month and possibly two.

When I asked the principal why he didn’t tell me of the incident on the bus two weeks prior his response was “I have things to do and other people to talk to” followed by a condescending chuckle! This was his response to parent in tears at ER with her daughter.
I firmly believe if I had been notified of the first incident, the attack that followed could have been prevented.  There would have been many steps I could have taken to prevent this, such as removing her from the bus and working closely with the school.  My sister, along with my mother were the first to arrive at the school and were greeted by the Vice Principal saying “there are two sides to every story” in response to asking what action is being taken against the boys.

The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia.  It makes me question if we are providing these children with proper coping skills for a healthy transition.  Also, is it safe for these students to be held back to due to language barriers leaving such a great age difference between students.  I can’t imagine the rage these boys must be harvesting inside to attack a girl so brutally.

This incident happened on Tuesday February 15th, I have called the police department numerous times with no luck.  I asked the police to come take a statement from my daughter.  He responded with I already spoke with her and have all the information I need.  The officer NEVER spoke to my daughter.  These officers are also the ones that are employed by the school to be on the premises at all times.  When I tried to contact the Manchester Police department directly to get someone to take a report, I was repeatedly told “I’ll hear from someone”.

Today is Saturday February 19th, I still have not heard from anyone.  The school has not called to see how Morgan is doing.  It breaks my heart that a little girl can be so brutally attacked by boys at school, and this is how the situation was handled.


A Christmas story

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

It never fails to amaze me how White women display more courage than your typical limp-dick male Repudlikin’. Here, we have a beautiful Aryan woman fighting back. Juxtapose that with your garden variety Clownservative male, who faints from the vapors at the mere utterance of the word Kike or Nigger.  These are the “men” that are going to protect our civilization? Remember this equation, dear readers:  Republicans = Losers. The only things they value and want to protect are their bank accounts and their “respectable” image.

Original Savage Chick calls out- by calling in- the anti-Christmas Kikesters who have been behind virtually ever attack on this Christian holy day. But try to tell that to the average Christian, who just can’t let go of their fatal attraction to these Talmudic scorned-toads.

Wake up, Christians. They ain’t your biblical buddies. The Jews despise you, your religion, and will not be satisfied until it and everything deemed to be part of White culture is expunged from the past, present and future.