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Blacks and Arabs Riot in London

August 9, 2011 2 comments

TNB, it’s not just for McAmerica! Now with the violent taste of Arab!

Is this what you want for your children, White man? Your western nations, built with so much sacrifice and toil, to be put to the torch by hordes of savage, sociopathic simians and defective dune-coons? Do you honestly think your Rush Limpdickian propositional nationhood nonsense will turn these beasts into anything remotely civilized and human?

It’s time a fire begins burning in our hearts instead of our cities. A raging weltanschaung of  White racialism.

Blacks and Arabs Riot in London…-north-london/[h=1]Violence Erupts in North London[/h]

  • Posted on August 6, 2011 at 7:41pm

Two police cars, a bus, and local businesses have been set ablaze as riots have erupted in Tottenham, a northern area of Greater London. BBC video coverage of the damage and protests:
BBC Newsreports on what has led to the major disturbance:

“The incident began after a protest over the fatal shooting of a young man by police on Thursday turned violent.
About 300 people have gathered outside the police station on the High Road.
Members of the community had taken to the streets to demand ‘justice’ after the shooting of a 29-year-old father-of-four, named locally as Mark Duggan.
The BBC’s Ben Ando, who is at the scene, described the situation as a ‘stand off’.”

The Guardian has reported that protesters have also attacked and set fire to several shops, and that rioters are armed with makeshift missiles in the center of Tottenham.

“At one point, rioters broke through police ranks and attempted to storm Tottenham’s police station, pelting officers with bricks and bottles.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the trouble began when ‘missiles’ were thrown at parked patrol cars at 8.30pm. He said one was pushed, blazing, into the middle of Tottenham High Street. Neither of the two officers who had been driving the cars were injured.
As the violence spread, a double decker bus was set upon. Witnesses said the vehicle exploded in flames after attackers threw home made bombs through its windows. Nearby shops were also set ablaze.
Hundreds of residents gathered to watch the unrest and there several were reports of attacks on bystanders. At one point rioters were seen beating up a man attempting to take film footage of the scene.”……

Arabs and Blacks rioting over the police shooting of a Black criminal.


20 refugees rape an 11-year old girl in a public bath, Stockholm Sweden, Husbybadet.

February 27, 2011 3 comments

Serenghetto jungle apes and their sand nigger cousins show that “no” means “rape” in liberal Sweden.

Oh where are you Norsemen? To wield Thor’s hammer against the primitive skulls of these apemen? Have you been so neutered that you do not even protect your own White girls from such predation? Are you men– or Republicans?