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Facebook Follies

May 29, 2011 4 comments

Along my posting peregrinations on social networking sights it never fails to amaze me when I encounter the delusional, self-hating White. You know the type; always insisting that the only difference between the races is their color, completely ignoring scientific data that refutes such a laughable statement, then going on to claim how better off we’d all be if we were all one big happy brown band of bruthas.












The anti-White’s wet dream: “Tan everyman”

I always think to myself what a bleak, blurred portrait these egalitarian artisans paint for the future. It’s a world without the insightful philosophy of the Greeks; no Socrates, Plato or Aristotle in this brown-new-world, I’m afraid. None of the great technological feats of the Etruscans or Romans; No aqueducts, dams, bridges…No Sistine Chapel, none of the beatutiful works of Michelangelo, because we would have no Michealangelos in this non-White frescoe.






The creativity and genius of the White race

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci? Gone. Along with  Darwin, Newton, Galileo, and a host of other White men who have left their legendary mark on civilization. Not to be, I’m afraid, in this ideological invention of the liberal mind. Just as Shakespeare or Tolstoy, Steinbeck or Voltaire…Their words expunged from our history by the genocidal judgement of the one-color-fits-all cabal.
No Bach, Beethoven, Wagner….No Edison, Tesla, Ford…But worst of all, in my opinion, the elimination of the beauty of our White women. No more golden blondes, ravishing red heads or silken haired brunettes; no blue eyes or green eyes; their supple alabaster skin marred and diffused through the Marxist filter forever.











The unique and precious diversity of White female beauty–worth fighting for


None of this exists or shall be allowed to exist in the anti-White domain of the liberal. His is a dark world; a planetary Puerto Rico of molten mediocrity and deracinated detachment.

From whence did this suicidal cult arise? Was it born of the Jewish “march through the institutions” that led to the cataclismic sixties? Was it classical liberalism? Maybe we need to go back farther to Christianity to find this seed of demographic doom. Another subject for another day, I suppose.
One thing I am certain about is that it is not a world I would want for myself and my folk. And even the other races do want their identity to be swallowed up into a sea of sameness. One has to only take a cursory glance at the multitudinous amounts of Jewish, Black and Mestizo organizations and groups to know that tribes are alive and well and ready to fight for survival. Even Whites, though not allowed the same racial freedom of association as other non-White groups, and inundated endlessly with pro-race mixing memes, still prefer to be with their own and breed with their own. The occurence of White flight when a neighborhood reaches that swarthy, violent tipping point, is proof enough.
So the question then comes to this, I suppose; are these anti-White limp -wrists willing to fight and die for their “What can brown do for you” ideology? Because I can assure these tolerance twinkies and multi-racial moon pies that we White people are willing to defend our children, our culture, and our RACE from their apocalyptic, generic gene fantasies.

Molon labe, libgirls.   

Gillibrand supports jobs bill targeting at-risk youth

May 11, 2011 1 comment

Schumer shiksa Shillibrand performs senatorial black stroke in ever dwindling pool of White tax payer dollars. While hard working Whites see reservoir of jobs and opportunities dry up like Hillary Clinton’s erogenous zone- due to outsourcing and anti-White government policies such as Affirmative Action-‘Dispersin’ Kirsten bathes indolent welfare wookies and gubmint program scams in financially subriguous legislation.

End result leaves Whites treading water while shiftless Shaniqua sharks gulp down more free chum from bottomless 40 ounce bottle of state hand-outs.

Jew tool White traitor Shillibrand would never vocally support Whites in need.      

At 16, Ida DeLeon dropped out of high school. Now 21, she’s learning a trade, working to earn her GED and preparing to begin an internship, thanks to her participation in the Urban League of Rochester’s YouthBuild Program, a partnership with Monroe Community College.

“Now that I have my second chance, I’m taking it to a max, taking advantage of it to the fullest,” she said.

Amid the sawdust and machinery in the YouthBuild Construction Lab on MCC’s Damon City Campus in downtown Rochester, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday talked about the Urban Jobs Act. The proposed legislation is intended to increase employment for at-risk youth.

Roughly one-third of all minority youth are unemployed, and Rochester’s high school graduation rate in 2009 was 46 percent. Holistic programs that focus on education, job readiness and support services can help them enter the job market, said Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

The legislation would create an Urban Jobs Program to award grants to nonprofit organizations. The nonprofits would help prepare people ages 18 to 24 for the work world.

Resources would primarily be targeted for youths who have dropped out of high school or have been subject to any stage of the criminal justice process.

Gillibrand said the act would allocate $23 million in grant money, a figure that would increase by 10 percent each year. A national advisory committee would provide oversight of the program, in addition to local advisory committees.

Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards applauded the legislation, saying the high percentage of unemployed youth is fundamentally a city issue, but cities don’t have enough resources to attack the problem.

“It (youth unemployment) has existed in urban areas for a long time … and so if we don’t get at it, it will survive this recession as well,” Richards said.

A spokeswoman for Gillibrand said the goal is to introduce the Urban Jobs Act on Monday as part of Congress’ Workforce investment act.


Film Projection

May 8, 2011 3 comments

Once again lefty film makers pull out the moth-eaten remains of  perennial celluloid fall guys, the “Nazis'” in order to produce a movie that won’t inadvertently offend someone besides White Germans, whose excoriation, humiliation and demonization can and will be implemented, unfettered by the PC restraints that would keep them from casting non-Whites in such a light.

After all, we couldn’t make our antagonists be, say, a parasitic tribe of hooked nosed Marxists, dominating  global financial institutions and using its power to suck dry our economy; or a race of villainous Semitic vermin controlling virtually every facet of our media, whereby they pump out a steady current of anti-White propaganda and distortion of truth, aimed at ultimately destroying White culture;  we could never make our bad guys a cabal of Ashkenazi cultists, infiltrating our government at every top level and using its power to exploit and subjugate western nations…

…But what lies beneath this constant Nazi meme may be the interesting part; the fact is, deep down, these rat-faced  coprophiles and their lib-girl miasma wish they could be Nazis.  the Nazis effused an aura of bad-ass and cool that is unmatched by anything they possess. Could you picture Stalin’s ragged Bolsheviks on the moon? Of course not. But we can picture the technologically gifted Germans of the Reich pulling it off. And nothing oozes Aryan omnipotence quite like an SS uniform. Surely not the baggy green Hefty bags they had our guys wearing.

The relentless denunciation of National Socialist Germany and all things White will ostensibly persist in film and elsewhere, so long as we allow these sinister swine to dictate the terms of engagement. But no matter how much vitriol the enemy rolls out, he will never be us. He will never be WHITE. That one racial fact seems to make for a hell of a lot of bitterness and envy.

U.S. Hispanic growth outstrips census estimates: study

March 16, 2011 1 comment

Latest numbers reveal White dispossession of McAmerica by little brown squatties showing strong upward third world trend. Jews bullish on genocide of White stock saying BYE! BYE! BYE!

‘Pudlickin day-traitors receive status sustaining remuneration in DIE-versity dividends as non-White invasion seems to be the only thing they agree should be in-sourced.

Please be aware though that present trends are not indicative of future results. A White-bare market could be just around the corner, driving brown chippers back down to their insolvent Me-hee-can ‘over-the-cactus-bulletin-border’  by high-growth White racialists.

Liberal scare-holders and their Semitic “hoard of malefactors” would be well advised to practice extreme caution in this respect, as they may find their current portfolio-as well as their lives-unsustainable in such an environment.


U.S. Hispanic growth outstrips census estimates: study


Tue Mar 15, 1:44 pm ET

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Growth of the U.S. Hispanic population is so fast and dynamic that it has outstripped estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, according to a study released on Tuesday.

The report by the Pew Hispanic Center think-tank found that the Latino population in the 33 states so far tallied in the 2010 Census totaled 38.7 million, 1.5 percent higher than the U.S. Census Bureau’s own previous estimates.

The gap between the Census 2010 count and the bureau’s projections was widest in states in the Southeast and upper Midwest of the United States which had not previously had large Hispanic populations.

States with the greatest discrepancy included Kansas, Louisiana and Alabama, where the estimates and census tally were adrift by 10.8 percent, 13.2 percent and 15.9 percent respectively.

The projections for the traditional Hispanic destinations of California, Texas and Illinois, meanwhile, were out from the final tally by 0.7 percent, 0.9 percent and 1.1 percent respectively..

“In the traditional Hispanic states the estimates have been very close, but it’s in the newer areas where Hispanics have settled in the past ten years or so that the counts are coming in significantly higher,” senior demographer Jeffrey S. Passel told Reuters.

“When trends change, demographers aren’t very good at picking them up until they have changed quite a bit … Generally speaking areas and populations that are growing rapidly tend to be underestimated,” he added, accounting for the discrepancy.

Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority in the United States.

A previous Census Bureau projection tipped ethnic and racial minorities in the United States to become the majority by 2050, by which time nearly one in three U.S. residents will be Latino.

The full census tally for Hispanics in all U.S. states is expected by the end of March.

(Reporting by Tim Gaynor; Editing by Greg McCune)


Reese’s Puff, General Mills, Anti- White

February 21, 2011 1 comment

Reese’s Puffs is perpetuating race mixing as they advertise blacks and Whites together all enjoying black culture.

I mean their cereal is even a mix of White Puffs and Coco-Puffs. Now you look down at your bowl of cereal and see blacks and Whites mixing it up for breakfast!

Ah I am just kidding about the color of the cereal, but I will say there is something “fishy” going on at the Mill.

I can understand why General Mills is marketing to blacks, I just wonder if the General Mills folks simply do not care about White people or for that matter the homogeny of any race. In their latest commercials and marketing campaign, it is clear that General Mills is focusing on blacks in their campaign. I see nothing wrong with that, in fact it is a smart move. They are appealing to the lower denominator of intelligence which removes the White intellect as a sales barrier. Throw in some chimps, primitive beats, and the monkeys will come running to eat that crap regardless of nutrition and taste.

You can see the urban targeted marketing at the next two links:

In this clip a rapping gang of thugs bust into a house occupied by the whitest blacks you will ever see: 

 And at this site you can become a rapper:

Oh and Nickelodeon doesn’t miss a chance to get in on this:

But what bothers me more than the breed mixing overtone is the anti-White sentiment in the General Mills ad campaign, especially in one particular ad.

While the web is littered with Reese’s Puff ads featuring “gangsta” thugs rapping or selling puffs with the innuendo that they are selling drugs, there is another ad which I can’t seem to locate but is terribly anti-White.

The ad I speak of is pumped out hourly on Nickelodeon and Disney. The TV ad features kids on a bus admiring a macho White guy in a sports car, fade to a ….black guy in a pimp wagon blasting rap music while eating Reese’s Puffs and all the kids rush to the other side of the bus, then it cuts back to the “loser” White guy who is ashamed that he is not the “cool black guy”.

This kind of messaging has been going on for a very long time. Just thinking of the TV shows and advertisements that show White Men as wimpy, stupid, irresponsible, and or bigoted and hateful gets my blood boiling. It amazes me when my White friends and family not only miss these overtones but laugh along at the joke. We have been conditioned way too far from our own White pride and have been tricked into thinking we are the same as other dark races.

We are not the same. Whites and blacks have never lived together successfully. All the “black washing” in the world will never change the fact that Whites and blacks can’t co-exist in the same communities under the same laws. Wake up folks. Don’t be fooled again.