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We Could Have Been on Mars: But we had to Fund Black-Run America

July 10, 2011 3 comments

We Could Have Been on Mars: But we had to Fund Black-Run America

I’m taking the SBPDL cap of for this one. It’s personal.

Back in the late-1990s, I visited Birmingham, Alabama and wondered why the city was so rundown. I must have been around 14 or 15. The reality of Jefferson County isn’t pleasant and compared to where I grew up, it made since to attribute Birmingham’s collapse to its majority population.

We could have been here…

The fact that 12 years later, five Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Birmingham have fled the city shows you just one of the many incalculable costs of Black-Run America (BRA). The majority of crime (both to person and to property) are courtesy of a Black population that receives substantial funding from the US taxpayer. The majority of the crime in all of Alabama is attributable to only 29 percent of the total state population.

And Sports Illustrated had the gall to do a cover-story on the horrific tornado that ripped that town apart; Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville have been ripped apart by a much worse disaster over the past 40-50 years, and the amount of harm done by this unnatural disaster (the combined power of Disingenuous White Liberals, white guilt, and subservience to Black people and accommodating their every whim and desire) is of epic and incalculable proportions.The costs of damage to Tuscaloosa by that devastating tornado can be calculated; the costs associated with maintaining, moving away from, safe-guarding from rape, incarcerating, educating, feeding, housing, insuring, clothing, pampering and securing your property from Black people is not quantifiable.

Funding Black-Run America (BRA) – think EBT cards, welfare, trying to close the gap in academic achievement, families moving away from crime-ridden areas, Section 8 housing, court costs associated with coddling an population that commits crime at a disproportionate rate, jails, etc. – has required the mis-allocation of precious resources that could have gone to so many other important causes.

But in BRA, the number one cause is excusing away continued Black failure by over-funding and over-indulging the very source of the problem.

Investing in one of the many collapsing cities throughout America doesn’t make any sense. From a business standpoint, the negative costs associated with trying to open a small business in a failing, majority Black city far outweigh any positives that could come with such a socially conscious move (read this article about Camden).

Remember the story I did on Huntsville? Once one of the most important cities associated with our national desire to reach the stars, it now ranks as one of the most important cities in America associated with our national desire to uplift every Black person at the expense of our national interest.

Yesterday I read with sadness an op-ed from Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon (we don’t have time for conspiracies or nonsense; we did go to the moon) and realized that the great nation desire to find scholarly Black engineers now supersedes NASA goals of space exploration. Here is what Armstrong said:

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Former city inspector sentenced to 15 years for sexual attack

March 21, 2011 1 comment

Inspector peach-fuzz Goes TNB for some T-‘n-A in latest affirmative action disaster for the Libtard dream of ape/human assimilation.

Local gubmint goobers jaws agape at previous felony blueprints of this build-site baboon.


I-Team 10 Update: Former city inspector sentenced to 15 years for sexual attack

Posted at: 03/15/2011 3:55 PM
By: Brett Davidsen |

Luis Acosta





“Ize Dont’s needs a tape mey-sures cuz Ize justa use muh dick.”


A former city housing inspector will go to prison for 15 years, the maximum sentence, after attacking a woman sexually while he was on the job.

Luis Acosta was found guilty in December of attempted criminal sex act in the first degree. He was aquitted of the more serious rape charge.

Acosta was employed as a city lead inspector, and according to the criminal complaint, the victim had made an appointment for an inspection when the attack occurred in november 2009.

I-Team 10 discovered at the time of the arrest that Acosta had multiple violent felony convictions, yet was still able to get a job working for the City of Rochester.

In our initial report, a city spokesperson admitted they had failed to properly screen Acosta’s background. The city says the background check done on Acosta only looked at local arrests. Acosta’s convictions were in Erie County.

He served two prior stints in prison for criminal possession of a weapon and and robbery.

Furthermore, I-Team 10 obtained a copy of Acosta’s job application in which he was forthcoming about his prior convictions.


You Can Lead a Monkey to a Banana….

November 4, 2010 1 comment

Affirmative action, diversity, no (black) child left behind, NAACP, etc…..   Puding

I have always believed that ALL kids are not meant to go to college. We need production workers, service providers; you know “ditch diggers”. People to keep us moving and building products for Americans to consume. 

Yet, our liberal guided schools hyped up media and socialist tinted government force the issue in the opposite direction. Not only do they teach that you have to go to college, schools, government, and media have laid out this tone that if you don’t go to college you are less of a person. The government is dumping so much money into “workforce development” trying to cultivate a world of engineers, environmental specialists and over all technical workers. You have to wonder if this is on purpose to further drive America out of manufacturing. 

In this grand effort to get every kid, especially minorities into college they overlooked two important things. One, overall blacks do not have the aptitude for higher education, and two not everyone is cut out for college.

There is a laser focus on getting minorities (blacks) to college, but after all this time and money it isn’t working. Something else to note, the college graduation rate among blacks, Whites, latinos, and Asians correlates nicely with studied Intelligence Quotients. 

The national college graduation rate of black men 33.1 percent hispanic men is 41.1 percent and of native americans and Alaska natives 33.8 percent. In comparison, the graduation rate for White males is 54.5 percent. Asian/Pacific Islanders have the highest rate, 60.6 percent.

So why force people into college? Especially minorities who have proven time and time again they don’t want to be there.

….But You Can’t Make Him Eat it. 

For the un-molested story see the link below. File this under “duh”.