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Cut From a Dissident Cloth

Parasitic zoot-snoots tear into French fashion designer, look to attire themselves in law-suit and remuneration  for getting their poor little feelings hurt. French government wets its pantaloons-discounts national sovereignty and liberty to placate Jewish merchant-master.

Insult a French man in France, receive no rebuke. But insult a Jew…

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  • Fashion icon John Galliano (pictured here in June) was on Thursday convicted of anti-Semitism …

Fashion icon John Galliano was Thursday convicted of anti-Semitism for hurling abuse at bar patrons in Paris’ Jewish quarter in a career-breaking outburst he has blamed on drink and drugs. {Ed.-Hey John, take it from me, even when you’re sober, JEWS SUCK.}

But the 50-year-old British designer, who faced a maximum of six months in jail in the French trial, received a much lower sentence with suspended fines totalling 6,000-euro (£5,200, $8,400).

The designer, who was sacked in disgrace as creative head of the French couture house Christian Dior over the scandal, stayed away from Thursday’s hearing, leaving his lawyers to hear the verdict.

The Paris criminal court found him guilty of proffering anti-Semitic insults in a public place — an offence under French law — when he clashed with bar patrons in the capital’s Marais district on two occasions, in February this year and October 2010. {Ed.-Oh, the irony of this to happen in the birth place of classic liberalism.}

The court also ordered him to pay a symbolic euro in damages to each of his victims, as well as to five anti-racism groups that were plaintiffs in the case. He was also ordered to cover the legal costs of four anti-racism bodies.{Ed.-Wouldn’t you like to cash in every time someone called you a name you didn’t like?}

At his one-day trial in July, Galliano apologised for his conduct.{Ed.-Big mistake, frog. NEVER apologize  for speaking the truth about Ashkenazi ass-wipes. These vipers will only see it as weakness.}

Galliano insists he is not an anti-Semite but admits he can not remember the evenings in question, blaming a “triple addiction” to drink, sleeping pills and painkillers for his behaviour.

According to several witnesses, the designer subjected fellow patrons of the La Perle cafe in Paris’ fashionable Marais district to streams of foul-mouthed anti-Jewish and anti-Asian abuse.{Ed.-Lol, you see, lowly goyim, the Jew even has its own catagory for racial disparagement. It can’t be lumped in with all the other non-Hymie groups. No, insulting the tribe is indeed much more heinous and deserving of a much greater punishment.}

He allegedly hurled an anti-Semitic remark at one witness after mocking her “cheap boots” and insulting her figure. {Ed.-So he basically pointed out the fact this lumpy, repulsive Jew-shrew had typical cheesy, gaudy Kike-taste in footwear. Yeah, that’s worth at least high five-figures to a Yenta.}

Video footage of a third incident, posted online, shows Galliano declaring “I love Hitler”.{Ed.-He’d be loved even more if he had actually got rid of these filthy hook-nosed rodents.}

Prosecutor Anne de Fontette accepted during the trial that Galliano “is not an ideologue of anti-Jewish or anti-Asian racism.”

But, in a remark likely to have stung the couturier, she branded the remarks “everyday racism and anti-Semitism, that of car parks and supermarkets, which is pitiful and disgusting.”

The designer told the court he had since undergone two months of rehab in Arizona and Switzerland.

One of the most celebrated designers of his generation, Galliano had been at the creative helm of Dior for 15 years, as well as running his own label, until the outburst brought his career crashing to a halt.{Ed.-Ask whom it is you cannot criticize and you’ll know who wields true power.}

While Thursday’s hearing was less of a media circus than his last court appearance, the fashion world was waiting to know if the fallen star would be condemned as a bigot or allowed to rebuild a reputation.{Ed.-Attention, moronic Whites-There is NO forgiveness from the Jew. No matter how clean you lick its “cheap boots” with your retracting tongue.}

Christian Dior, which has taken its time finding a successor to Galliano, has firmly distanced itself from the designer and declined to comment on the trial.{Ed.-Our heroes..}

For last March’s ready-to-wear collections, Dior tasked Galliano’s longtime right-hand man Bill Gaytten to oversee a show inspired by everything from early 1980s Paris nightlife to the architect Frank Gehry.

But with the Spring-Summer 2012 fashion season kicking off this month, Dior was reportedly poised to announce a successor — with America’s hottest designer, the kilt-wearing, tattooed Marc Jacobs, tipped for the job.

Since 1997, the 48-year-old New Yorker has held the helm of Louis Vuitton, the flagship fashion brand of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) luxury giant, which is owned in turn by Groupe Christian Dior.

Keep pushing Yidlings, the blow-back should be epic when Whites finally take your oppressive, Marxist chains and wrap them around your collective necks.

In the meantime, On behalf of Red Robin and those who truly cherish freedom; FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHITTY BOOTS, JUDEAN.

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