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State Police Search for Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape

Shag-berto the shitskin tires of raking landscape for low-wage Libertarian Ayn Rand-reamers,  decides instead to pursue career in pedophilia and live out the McAmerican wet-dream.

State Police Search for Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape

{ED-Scumbag media avoids telling you this Tijuana toilet brush attacked and raped a TEN-YEAR-OLD in the big, bold, eye-catching headline. Wants you to just quickly flip to niggerball score page or unfunny “Cathy” comic strips and not dwell on the  fact the victim was a child and  likely a White girl.}

By: Casey J. Bortnick


 Dirty mudpie predator allowed to attack and violate your children courtesy of ‘Pudlickin politicians and their FaceBook cheerleaders who champion open borders, cheap labor, and all things Rush Limpdickian.

State Police are searching for an illegal immigrant wanted in Wayne County for raping a girl under the age of 10.Dagoberto Ruiz-Barrios, 40, is charged with predatory sexual assault against a child, rape in the first degree, and performing criminal sexual act. {Ed.-Sounds like your typical Mexican wedding night.}

The alleged sexual assault happened in July.

Investigators believe Ruiz-Barrios may have left the area and could have disappeared to Tennessee or Mexico. {ED.-Translation: Donut-munchers too busy tracking down “evil ”  White culprit who spray-painted backwards Swastika on sidewalk to ever bother with violent, non-White criminals.}

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ruiz-Barrios is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 423-9300.{Ed.-And anyone who is actually interested in justice will call SpicStoppers at 1-800-12 gauge-shotgun-blast-into-beaners-skull.}


  1. gpt
    December 3, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Extraordinarily well executed piece of writing..

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