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Propaganda In A Can

Laughable article from local news-wits, serves up usual lib-girl blend of nonsense and teen beat sensationalism.

First,  the picture they provide is taken at the worst angle you could provide to capture the ‘offending symbol.’ From the picture, it looks more like randomly looped lines of paint, hardly what they claim it to be.

Then, these tabloid toadies drop in the hilarious line: “A Nazi swastika on the sidewalk — just a few steps from the symbol for anarchy.” Suddenly, the Nazis, perpetually branded with the defamatory distinction of being cold, brutal, right-wing authoritarians, are now cozily placed ideologically by pot smoking leftist college students.

It’s also rather curious how these Marxist magpies never seem to have any trouble with the vulgar epithets and ghetto gang slang that covers many areas, usually aerosoled by Blacks and their wigger wanna-bees.

Finally, the article is dripping with girlish emotionalism. Gone are the days of factual, masculine reporting. Now, it’s all about hurt feelings and Oprah coon-swooning.

Anyone with one-third the IQ of an anteater can see right through this canard. Luckily for these Egalitarian apparatchiks of the snooze media, most of metrosexual McAmerica is as cognitively thick as that Victor sidewalk.

Sidewalks, mailboxes tagged with Nazi symbols in Victor

Posted at: 07/19/2011 1:54 PM | Updated at: 07/19/2011 8:19 PM
By: Berkeley Brean | WHEC.com

One quiet neighborhood in Victor is covered tonight with Nazi symbols. Police think a gang of four men walked through the neighborhood and tagged homes, mailboxes and cars with swastikas. They also hit the playgrounds at the school district.

This is not a violent crime but the people in this neighborhood feel violated.

A Nazi swastika on the sidewalk — just a few steps from the symbol for anarchy. Mailboxes got hit and so did stop signs.

“I think it’s awful since there are little kids all over this neighborhood and they’re out there playing. It’s summertime.” Christine Sears had even more things spray painted at her place. She had to explain it to her kids. “Well we took a walk this morning and they were asking questions. (It was) kind of hard to answer the questions.”

When they were done at the Sears’ home, the vandals made it to the Pierson home. They tagged the mailbox stand and their car.

Dawn Pierson woke up this morning to see the damage. “My husband usually parks at the end of the driveway so I think they walked up the sidewalks and hit whatever they could. We’re just doing our own thing. We’re not bothering anybody and they come through decorated and that wasn’t really nice.”

The sheriff’s office says the playgrounds at the Victor school campus and some of the storage buildings were tagged with the same graffiti. When News 10NBC went to the school, they weren’t aware of it. We were not allowed on campus to get video.

Sheriff’s investigators talked to one neighbor who remembered seeing four males with backpacks. He told police they “didn’t appear to belong in the neighborhood.”

Police say what he meant by that is that he didn’t recognize them, that they looked out of place.  That’s the lead they’re working on. {ED.-Interesting. Almost seems Donut-munchers want to cover-up something here. Were the vandals possibly non-White, and this is what the witness meant by his comment?}

For more Rochester, N.Y. news go to our website www.whec.com.

  1. Spike
    July 20, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    I cant tell if it’s a swastika or over spray from a kid painting his bike on the sidewalk.
    Reminds me of the people that see the virgin Mary in their English muffin.

  2. July 22, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Great commentary SR, you summed up the bleeding heart BS well.
    Okay I will give it to them that it is a swastika, howver to be concerned that “children play out there” is silly.
    As you mentioned SR, the garbage that the usual “tagger” puts up is by far more offensive.
    I will bet a million bucks the kids that did this have no idea of the meaning of a swastika is in the first place.

    I am shocked that they could not dig up a jew to interview on this.

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