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More TV Mind Warping

One of my family members loves all of those Law and Order shows. I know there are a bunch of different versions, but the one in particular cast with Ice T. 

The show is entertaining to a certain degree, but I can see a major bias towards guilting Whites. This is just another example of teaching the masses how evil Whites are.

We just watched an episode where Ice T’s son (Rob) is suspected of a double homicide. Someone rape/stabbed……yes rape stabbed, in other words raped the woman with a knife, and buried her and her living 14mo old in an abandoned lot. 

Of course Ice T was an absentee father and he and the ex do not get along very well. (Wow this might get away from me and not worth telling) 

So anyway, they come to find out Ice T’s ex had another child (Daruis) that he didn’t know about. The kid went to live with granny. While the brotherhood was a family secret the two boys learned about their relation when granny was on her death bed. They became close brothers.

As a result of this brotherhood revelation the bastard child Darius had mommy issues and went and killed a woman and child. Now three years later he has turned over a new leaf and kind of confessed to the murder. 

Okay here comes the point of the story. Bring out the White Guilt Hammer. All along officer Ice T showed signs of not trusting “the system” saying that his actual son Rob “will be put away even though he didn’t commit the crime”. This is because in his scripted words “we all know the jails are full of innocent people….because of their skin color”. Oh boy what a doozey that is. 

Now fade to the bastard Darius (played rapper by Ludacris). Three years after the murder he is a new man, turned over a new leaf. And while he admits the murders and has no excuses for his actions, when it comes time for Miranda rights they ask “do you understand your rights?”. Darius answers something like “I have heard them before”. 

Again the White police angrily ask “do you understand your rights!?” Darius responds….and this is the absurd part…..”yeah just like the last time you read them on those trumped up burglary charges”.

I had to laugh out loud. My viewing companion looked at me like I was a freak. How could someone laugh at this? Oh, the man stuck it to you on the burglary charges, making sure to whack you again with the White Guilt Hammer before the climax of the show.

Point being, even though the network laced that show with black coroners, black forensic specialist, black cops, they still make the black out as a criminal but try to make you feel sorry for them on a social level. Making sure you are aware that the White system is against them, and that even black cops have a hard time by getting the stink eye from White cops. 

It is funny to add that Ice T is also the special guy that brought you the hit “Cop Killers” and is married to buxom blonde Coco.

 Goes to show no one has principals, morals, or values, they follow the almighty jew dollar.

  1. srdavidson
    July 12, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    More social engineering and media mind blow from the parasites who brought you ‘To kill a mockingbird’ and ‘In the heat of the night.’

    When they aren’t portraying Whitey as a bumbling, childish oaf or White criminal/gang member/pedophile, they make sure to cast him as an oppressive, malevolent wielder of corrupt justice, unfairly persecuting the non-White.

    Ice-T, the typical self-loathing mulatto, takes the power hungry White mudshark to rub our faces in it, all the while spewing forth his anti-White vitriol. And well he should, since Whitey has become so feminized and decadent, he will just roll over and whimper like a kicked cockier spaniel, and scamper off, tail between his legs, to racial oblivion.

    To create a healthy White society, we will need to take back control of the media from the Jewish/Marxist element. To take back control of the media, we’re going to need strong, honor-bound White men, not the GOP geldings and neutered black nut-huggers we have today.

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