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The Black Guy Only Wins In The Movies

It’s another somber day for anti-White ESPN wags and ‘BOO boosters, as Wladimir Klitschko vanquishes the latest of the Great Black hopes on his way to procuring the last remaining major heavyweight title belt that wasn’t held by either him or is brother, Vitali.

The Klitschko  brothers are truly astounding. They have dominated the division for years and show no signs of slowing up, even though both are entering the final rounds in respect to the profession. If these two White warriors were Black, the Marxist media would be parading them about their sports pages and blogs, movies would be made, the pickle-snoot Bert Randolph Sugar would be heralding them as the summum bonum within the pugilistic pantheon of the sweet science, while excitedly applying love bites to the cheap cigars jutting phallically erect from his gob, like Ali standing over Liston.

Instead, the Jewish scribe-tribe drop the iron curtain of silence over the Klitschkos and the heavyweight division, concentrating on Mestizo Manny Pacquiao and Groid Mayweather, and avoiding any positive discussion of these two legendary champion siblings.

So here’s to Wlad and Vitali, delivering the knock-out blow to the PC pugs of palookaville, and once again demonstrating that you should always bet on “White”.

  1. July 5, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Hey wait a minute this fight was fixed! We all know White men can’t jump or box!

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