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Found myself in the bucolic village of Honeoye Falls this afternoon and decided to cruise in to the local grocery store in order to pick up something for dinner, later. I’m coming back from an appointment, it’s about 2pm.

Step out of the car and proceed walking towards the establishment. Notice young  nigger swaggering out of the store with what looks to be a quart bottle of beer. It’s a gangly specimen, droopy drawered and vacant eyed. The type you can picture having its rib cage torn from its AIDS emaciated carcass like a stubborn tree stump, by an opportunistic carnivore in ‘Freaka– had it not had the life prolonging advantage of ending up in the McAmerican welfare state.

Inside the market: Another schwoogie; looks to be the typical Black afflete type with tank-top and requisite rodeo clown britches. This sambo is a dark one. Skin as black as freshly laid tarmac. It’s busy jawing with a plump, cherub cheeked White girl at the counter. Possibly attempting to chat her up.( He was still babbling to her when I left.)

At the checkout–Another Zulu, this time a female; dressed in that afro-centric Kwanza garb you’d expect to see spavined, goat-faced Maya Angelou, or some other ebonics expectorating, White elite anointed potentate, wrapped in.

Now, the perplexing thing is, Honeoye Falls is a rural hamlet, with around 2500 residents and a near 99 percent White population. It’s also enchased in the middle of Mendon, and sports a very high tax rate, along with many high-end homes. No, this isn’t a low-income ghetto. Yet every time I happen to be in this particular town I can’t help but be struck by the conspicuously large amount of Blacks I see.  So much for the “evil White racist” accusation lib-girls like to sputter. It becomes quite apparent that to the contrary, Whites are TOO accepting.TOO deracinated. And perhaps, too pretentious, as some of these Blacks, no doubt, are brought in by incompetence-on-a-stick- worshipers, in a never-ending death wish to prove their moral superiority over their fellow-man. Sure, they could help poor White kids in this area, but nothing gets the egalitarian attention and Marxist media adoration like introducing your White community-and White daughters- to a tribe of head hunters and inner city bling-kongs.

Pulling out of the parking lot; there’s a small compact car in front of me, looks to have a diminutive elderly male driver, White. I spot the large, Obama ’08 bumper sticker plastered on the pocket-size trunk of his automobile. I begin to wonder when this town will reach that non-White tipping point, much like I’ve seen happen to suburbs in closer proximity to the city of  Rot-chester. They were once nice White areas, too. Now, they’re filled with murder and mayhem, with former White residents bemoaning to me how they had to pack up and leave, get away from “that element.”

And guess where these Whites go? Yep, you guessed it. To quiet, White places. Like Honeoye Falls. To join churches. Decorate their eco-friendly hybrids with Obama stickers. Educate their children on the evils of “racism” and the perpetual guilt and shame Whites must collectively carry, like a millstone around their conscience, for all the wickedness they continue to perpetrate on the innocent , non-White Peoples of Planet Earth.

Then, the murder and mayhem begins…

  1. July 1, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Insightful and rich. I love personal insight into daily life.
    I can tell you, or at least confirm your suspicion. Church goers bring these black beauties in under the guise of ridding themselves of guilt. I see a few chimps running around with White “parents”.

    Secondly, Elim Bible College imports spiritual spear chuckers in droves. They erected a church that has attracted the negros and they offer housing to them so they can “live the good life” and learn about god.

    So we see these negros move in and often times they have a brood of kids that trickle into the schools and streets. The poor liberal families force a smile on their face as they send their daughters off to prom with a negroid….all the while in their lefty lib heads they chant to themselves “this is a good thing, this is a good thing”.

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