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New York’s Gay Marriage

Some friends and readers have asked me why I have been silent on the New York State gay marriage debate. I have been silent because I am torn a little on this. Laws of nature, religious rights, libertarian views, etc….. 

There is so much deep conflict with this issue that got us where we are. Like little capillaries that that deliver our life’s blood. But we have ignored the capillaries and only focus on the artery.

I will start with my thoughts from furthest back and possibly deepest to the most recent and probably least significant. 

Going way back, I believe marriage is a social construct that we were sold on thousands of years ago. I am not convinced that marriage is in tune with the laws of nature, and I view the laws of nature as the end all be all. Maybe we were meant to breed multiple mates or naturally we would stay together as a family unit. Birth control ties in there as well. I don’t think birth control or marriage was intended for man to use.  Are these bad things, no not really but it is leading us to gay marriage.

Then, the government ties social benefits to marriage. That was a big mistake. Nowhere that I know of in the constitution do we talk about social benefits, tax breaks, etc for married people. I find this to be a major sticking point for gays. They want to reap the social and monetary benefits of hetro married couples and this is due to the gov getting in our bedrooms and getting too deep in our lives which has excluded gay couples by design. This is one of the reasons I am for removing all tax loop holes including tax credits for children as well as lowering or eliminating income tax. Take away the benefits for married couples and gays will not be trying so hard to horn in on marriage like a well hung stud going the wrong way on the dirty jersey turnpike if you know what I mean.

Next, homosexuality is not moral or normal or how our species is intended to exist, thrive, and survive. There is nothing natural about homosexuality. It goes against everything our bodies and existents were designed for. So I have a hard time saying “yeah gay marriage is fine”, when I don’t believe homosexuality is appropriate. To get me to agree and accept gay marriage I would first have to agree with homo life choices.

Then I have the religious conflict on my mind. To me marriage is a religious sanction no matter what that religion is. So if your religion is against homosexuality then of course homo’s should not be given religious ceremonies. Do not try to force religious people to accept same sex marriage. That is what Justice of the peace is for, for non-religious unions.

The slippery slope issue…………….. Schools and the media are already force feeding me, you, and the youth of America that the gay lifestyle is not only normal but should be accepted with no debate. The gay marriage issue is another crooked nail in the coffin of any moral fiber we have left.

The agenda rivals that of the civil rights movement. Like in the case of today’s forced black integration at the expense of White people, if you watch any TV show that involves gays then you will see the gay victim and the bigoted white, straight man. I defy anyone to show me a popular movie or TV program that shows the perspective of a heterosexual White man that is not made to look uncool, foolish, bigoted, or hateful. That is a sad statement considering only 2-5% of the country is gay. How can there be so much controversy and focus on these issues with such a small populace driving it. Why is the liberal machine driving this down our throats?

In a nut shell I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if two fags want to get married. My issue is “the why” and the slope we re jumping on with gays wanting to get married. Let’s address the core issues like tying social and monetary benefits to marriage, the fact that homosexuality goes against the laws of nature, and that gays are a minuscule portion of our population and then we can address the legalized gay marriage issue.

And believe me I can go on, and on with thoughts of how this ties to the racial divide in the world as well. But that will be for another time.

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