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Swing Low, Sweet Baby- Backs

Combine a rib cook-off, the beach, and a close proximity of yard apes and you’ve got yourself an unhealthy batch of TNB. City Blacks descend on Ontario Beach Park to perform their Mogadishu Waltz- complete with violence, mayhem and all the busta-moves you’d expect from this danse-nignog chimp-out.

News-Jews and council-coons are careful to couch their words in shimmering  PC-speak, calling wilding apes  “urban youth” and “teenagers.”  Video shows a much darker, racial picture.

Here’s a tip, Whiteman; anywhere you find Blacks, expect an unsafe, hostile environment that puts you and your family in real danger. That’s the reward of DIE-versity, and the punishment for your pusillanimity.


  1. Isha
    June 25, 2012 at 3:46 am

    Your views are a clear indication that you didn’t take your education seriously. Mr White “Supremist” A BLACK childs skeleton was the first known human ever to walk this planet. All I have to say is you sound very ignorant.

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