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Facebook Follies

Along my posting peregrinations on social networking sights it never fails to amaze me when I encounter the delusional, self-hating White. You know the type; always insisting that the only difference between the races is their color, completely ignoring scientific data that refutes such a laughable statement, then going on to claim how better off we’d all be if we were all one big happy brown band of bruthas.












The anti-White’s wet dream: “Tan everyman”

I always think to myself what a bleak, blurred portrait these egalitarian artisans paint for the future. It’s a world without the insightful philosophy of the Greeks; no Socrates, Plato or Aristotle in this brown-new-world, I’m afraid. None of the great technological feats of the Etruscans or Romans; No aqueducts, dams, bridges…No Sistine Chapel, none of the beatutiful works of Michelangelo, because we would have no Michealangelos in this non-White frescoe.






The creativity and genius of the White race

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci? Gone. Along with  Darwin, Newton, Galileo, and a host of other White men who have left their legendary mark on civilization. Not to be, I’m afraid, in this ideological invention of the liberal mind. Just as Shakespeare or Tolstoy, Steinbeck or Voltaire…Their words expunged from our history by the genocidal judgement of the one-color-fits-all cabal.
No Bach, Beethoven, Wagner….No Edison, Tesla, Ford…But worst of all, in my opinion, the elimination of the beauty of our White women. No more golden blondes, ravishing red heads or silken haired brunettes; no blue eyes or green eyes; their supple alabaster skin marred and diffused through the Marxist filter forever.











The unique and precious diversity of White female beauty–worth fighting for


None of this exists or shall be allowed to exist in the anti-White domain of the liberal. His is a dark world; a planetary Puerto Rico of molten mediocrity and deracinated detachment.

From whence did this suicidal cult arise? Was it born of the Jewish “march through the institutions” that led to the cataclismic sixties? Was it classical liberalism? Maybe we need to go back farther to Christianity to find this seed of demographic doom. Another subject for another day, I suppose.
One thing I am certain about is that it is not a world I would want for myself and my folk. And even the other races do want their identity to be swallowed up into a sea of sameness. One has to only take a cursory glance at the multitudinous amounts of Jewish, Black and Mestizo organizations and groups to know that tribes are alive and well and ready to fight for survival. Even Whites, though not allowed the same racial freedom of association as other non-White groups, and inundated endlessly with pro-race mixing memes, still prefer to be with their own and breed with their own. The occurence of White flight when a neighborhood reaches that swarthy, violent tipping point, is proof enough.
So the question then comes to this, I suppose; are these anti-White limp -wrists willing to fight and die for their “What can brown do for you” ideology? Because I can assure these tolerance twinkies and multi-racial moon pies that we White people are willing to defend our children, our culture, and our RACE from their apocalyptic, generic gene fantasies.

Molon labe, libgirls.   

  1. May 29, 2011 at 10:23 pm


  2. John
    November 12, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    not sure if this is a joke or you are actually this stupid… (and racist)

  3. jason Mag
    August 16, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Actually He is right!!!! Live on My beautiful People

  4. Dunner's Man
    July 23, 2014 at 9:05 am

    I had to peel away a lot of bigoted bullshit in your argument to find some merit in it. Guess what fellow readers? there IS merit in it!

    I stumbled on this site quite by accident. All I wanted to see were images of beautiful white Women & guess what my seach turned up? a bunch of hits associated with dark skinned beauty & acceptance. People of color defending their skin where no attack was made, white people wishing that they were dark-even a painting of a black Women on a pedestal being venerated by a crowd of white, female supplicants! Talk about a picture speaking a 1000 words. I even found myself saying “WTF? do I have to go to some bullshit, white supremacist site to see gorgeous white Women again?” Then I clicked on the pic of the beautiful blond & found myself here!

    Those of us of Indo-European and/or indo-Celtic extraction really need to stop all of this self loathing in the name of p.c. homogeny crap & be proud of who we are without being prejudiced about it…Trust me, the concepts of racial tolerance & ethnic pride are not mutually exclusive.

    Btw, if anyone wants to see who the real culprit is where white guilt is concerned, look no further than the CROSS! Xtian universalism is what caused all cultures to lose their indigenous identities. Our PAGAN ancestors where forcibly converted to a middle-eastern religion & We will never return to a sense of true, living pride without the “need” for hate (that some seem to have) until we return to our SPIRITUAL roots. I mean really, what hope does our race have when so many members of it worship a “god” who was nailed to a tree when our ancestors honored the God who CARRIES the hammer!?

    So Dear Author, you can spout your misguided hate & rage toward other races if you want, but Don’t even claim to be proud of our race & culture if you see xtianity in it.

    All hail the Northern Gods & Goddesses!

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