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You Can Do What You Want, Just Don’t Hate the Jews

This is just a short rant. You know, just to get something off my chest. I was listening to the radio on a long drive from Boston toWestern NY.

I listened to many reports about the sand nigger muslims plotting to kill jews and blow up a synagogue. I can see arresting these jackasses for planning to blow crap up, but every report I heard said first and foremost that they were arrested for “hating jews”.

Come on, arrested for hating jews?

And then, thank goodness for BBC news because you just do not hear real stories in the American press. I listened to BBC talk about John Demjanjuk, a 91 year old German who was a Nazi soldier that held a low level guard position in Munich. This old bird was sentenced to 5 years in jail for assisting in the deaths of 28,000 jews. For the grandiose theatrics they held the trial in Munich.

We can argue about the legitimacy of the killing at another time, but the point here is, he was not a principal in making any killing decision, he did not first hand kill anyone, yet he is found guilty by his countrymen in a knee jerk reaction as Germans try to rid themselves of the Nazi stigma.

The BBC was actually poising the question, “is this real justice or just retribution”. Of course they had a jew (Efraim Zuroff)  from israel who is a self proclaimed Nazi hunter remind the audience of how evil Germans are. But the BBC did “man on the street interviews” with Germans to help balance the jew perspective. I was surprised to hear some of  the comments.

Some said that this was ridiculous and a witch hunt because the man has no direct responsibility as he was a soldier taking orders, one person said “he is 91 what will he learn from this”, one young lady said she is thrilled with the verdict as “they have learned in their school career that old Germany and Nazi’s were evil”, she went on to say every year these teachings were a major part of their curriculum.

So even the Germans have been indoctrinated to believe the jews are victims and had no wrong doing in their own actions. As a result of the educationial beating, Germans send an old man to jail with no physical evidence or actual evidence of his crime.

If you get a chance check out these stories, they are bizarre to me and oddly interesting.

Told you it was short.

Otter, out.

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