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Gillibrand supports jobs bill targeting at-risk youth

Schumer shiksa Shillibrand performs senatorial black stroke in ever dwindling pool of White tax payer dollars. While hard working Whites see reservoir of jobs and opportunities dry up like Hillary Clinton’s erogenous zone- due to outsourcing and anti-White government policies such as Affirmative Action-‘Dispersin’ Kirsten bathes indolent welfare wookies and gubmint program scams in financially subriguous legislation.

End result leaves Whites treading water while shiftless Shaniqua sharks gulp down more free chum from bottomless 40 ounce bottle of state hand-outs.

Jew tool White traitor Shillibrand would never vocally support Whites in need.      

At 16, Ida DeLeon dropped out of high school. Now 21, she’s learning a trade, working to earn her GED and preparing to begin an internship, thanks to her participation in the Urban League of Rochester’s YouthBuild Program, a partnership with Monroe Community College.

“Now that I have my second chance, I’m taking it to a max, taking advantage of it to the fullest,” she said.

Amid the sawdust and machinery in the YouthBuild Construction Lab on MCC’s Damon City Campus in downtown Rochester, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday talked about the Urban Jobs Act. The proposed legislation is intended to increase employment for at-risk youth.

Roughly one-third of all minority youth are unemployed, and Rochester’s high school graduation rate in 2009 was 46 percent. Holistic programs that focus on education, job readiness and support services can help them enter the job market, said Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

The legislation would create an Urban Jobs Program to award grants to nonprofit organizations. The nonprofits would help prepare people ages 18 to 24 for the work world.

Resources would primarily be targeted for youths who have dropped out of high school or have been subject to any stage of the criminal justice process.

Gillibrand said the act would allocate $23 million in grant money, a figure that would increase by 10 percent each year. A national advisory committee would provide oversight of the program, in addition to local advisory committees.

Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards applauded the legislation, saying the high percentage of unemployed youth is fundamentally a city issue, but cities don’t have enough resources to attack the problem.

“It (youth unemployment) has existed in urban areas for a long time … and so if we don’t get at it, it will survive this recession as well,” Richards said.

A spokeswoman for Gillibrand said the goal is to introduce the Urban Jobs Act on Monday as part of Congress’ Workforce investment act.


  1. May 12, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    So let’s get this straight. Tax payers will reward you if you drop out of school?
    Where is the “cutting” that Cuomo was doing?

    Isn’t this what the Mac Donuuulds is for? This is ridiculous. I have seen this before. Now the 16 year old girl is getting a “second chance”, well guess what she will always have this badge of honor that has now labeled her….”under privileged” and she will get a million second chances all her life.
    Gillibrand is a fake slimy woman. She rolled on her gun stance as soon as she hopped into the sack with Chuck U. Schumer.

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