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Oye Vey, Smell My Finger…..Smells Like Gefilte Fish


I found an interesting article about a rabbi….a holy man….one of the chosen……a hook nose jew that decided to take liberties with a jewess he didn’t know on a flight from Tel Avive to NY.

This dirty heeb waited a short 90 minutes into the flight before rubbing the girls gefilte fish and fondling her lox.

I bet this fuckhead kike doesn’t see a day in jail, he will surely buy the judge.

What a difference in reporting the storey. The jew paper (NY Post) has a paragraph or two trying to down play the incident. They seem more inclined to tell you he has 11 kids and is a rabbi.

NY Times link: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/rabbi_found_guilty_in_plane_grope_ERLDuXiDwLICsDF7XjMHDP?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME=

In contrast this publication goes into more detail and really highlights what a buffoon this creep is: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2011/04/fbi-busts-israeli-rabbi-for-allegedly-groping-woman-on-airplane-567.html

“It was a mistake I was asleep”, what a lying jew bastard.

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  1. srdavidson
    May 7, 2011 at 11:32 am

    It sure helps to have a firm tribal grip on virtually all media in this country when you need to cover-up for one of your fellow pickle snoots.

    These Rabbis also have a predilection for pedophilia and assorted sexual abuse of children; but since they aren’t catholic priests, i.e., White religious leaders- those news stories go down the media memory hole.

    At least this shaggy schlomo applied his adventurous digits to one of its own–this time, at least.

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