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Otter’s Observations- Civility Between blacks and Whites

As my eyes widen to the civility gap between blacks and Whites, I wonder how it is that we Whites continue to give blacks the benefit of the doubt, maybe it is because of our conditioning via forced guilt, force feeding from the mass media, and programming of our children from school and television.

If you are like me and have a short little attention span, just check out the videos, if you rather see where I am coming from read on past the videos.


Whites experience a tremendous amount of nonsense that shapes how we treat blacks as we grow up; things like Whites are naturally privileged, blacks are just as capable as Whites in any arena of life, blacks are all victims of slavery, all Whites are responsible for slavery, blacks commit more crime due to socioeconomic reasons, on and on and on. Some of us catch on to the indoctrination, some of us are awaken by real life encounters of how blacks really act, and some Whites choose to keep their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge racial differences.

But where am I going with this? I wanted to share a few of my “awakenings” and continued real life education of blacks. Some of this may seem extreme or embellished and some of these quick anecdotes may seem insignificant. I am simply laying out observations that have stuck in my mind over the years that lead me to believe blacks and Whites should not co-exist. 

One of my first recollections of thinking blacks were different was when I was about 10. After my folks divorced we moved into an apartment complex. We didn’t have much money but we maintained a sense of pride and dignity by making sure we stayed clean, behaved well, and treated others with respect.

A black single mother family moved in a floor below us with two kids around my age. As in the case with most single parent families our mothers were out working and the kids were left to their own devises. My brother and behaved pretty well while mum was away, my brother would go into town with his friends and I would go outside and play with the other kids at the apartment complex as well as with Elsie and Miguel. These were the two black kids that lived in our building. I would always notice they were very loud and significantly more mischievous and violent. The older boy Miguel would throw rocks at the local cats, throw rocks at the White kids, swear a blue streak, and fight all the time. 

I recall feeling guilty to believe this behavior was because he/they were black. So I had an idea to try and befriend Miguel and Elsie. Well, a large rock to the head quickly brought that idea to a close. Needless to say no friendship was developed.

Shortly after that we moved away from that apartment complex for greener pastures, but I believe that may have set the ground work as to my understanding that blacks and Whites are not only different, but really shouldn’t be together.

Second recollection. Fast forward to 1987, I was 17 years old. I was a pretty brave kid, never lost a fight, didn’t take too much guff from people, I was a pretty big kid at 6’ and about 225. I was driving my beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed girlfriend into the city of Rochester to acquire a legal document that can only be picked up the in county building which is downtown Rochester.

Upon leaving the facility we noticed a group of black guys, maybe 5 or 6 of them kind of lingering around us. No words exchanged, but we certainly had an uncomfortable feeling that they were watching us. She and I jumped in our big old Olds Delta 88 and proceeded to leave. We noticed the black guys did the same. They jumped into an old Catalina and quickly started following us.

We were a little nervous so we took some odd turns, quick lefts, circling back to where we started and they were right with us the whole way. Eventually we caught a stop light together on a divided road and they pulled up next to us. They started shouting pretty lewd stuff, cat calling, taunting me, insulting my girlfriend, etc. Again I was a big kid but I will tell you I was scared shitless and so was my girlfriend. I had a bad feeling they were going to get out of the car, just then the light turned green and with the 350 in that old Delta, I ripped the tires off the line. I don’t think the Catalina they had could handle all the black beef in the car. We were able to pretty much lose them and get the hell out of the city. I can vividly remember the shine of their black skin, and greasy appearance of their curly hair. I can also vividly remember that’s the point where I started to really loath interacting with blacks.

The third recollection was a few years later around 1990. My girlfriend (yes the same one) and I were with another White couple who were a few years older than us. This couple had an interesting background, both trained in martial arts and both concealed a hand gun on their person.

We headed out to the town of Henrietta (a burb of Rochester) to Market Place Mall. We visited a pet store and planned to grab some food at the food court in the mall.

Well it didn’t take long before we were approached by a group of blacks (about 4) at the food court as we ate our dinner. Two of them sat at our table and appeared to be pretty high on something. They started telling us how they were going to take our White woman back to their place and “fuck em”, and they talked directly to our ladies saying they had tons of money and they would “fuck em” with their “black cock”. As the other couple niggers walked around in our area the other two seated at our table started flashing wads of money, hundreds, fifties, twenties, hundreds possibly thousands of dollars.

Well they also showed us they had pretty large hand guns under their shirts. At this point I could see the young lady with us had her handgun visible to me, and I knew the guy with us had a gun as well. At this time I was too young to have a pistol permit and certainly wasn’t wearing bullet proof armor, so I remained pretty quiet as did our friends. I kept thinking “holy crap what is going to happen, will my friends resort to their firearms, will these North American pavement apes turn violent? Oddly enough after about 15-20 minutes of this they got bored and moved on.

This is a long drawn out post so I will end it with these three situations that laid the ground work that helped shape my opinion that blacks are different than Whites and that blacks and Whites should not and can not live amongst each other. 

I am not saying all blacks act this way. I know plenty of individual blacks and have interacted with plenty of blacks that act appropriately and civil in society. I give individual blacks the benefit of the doubt and will extend a cautious amount of trust. However blacks in their own habitat and with numbers to back them up will act more like animals and target Whites or other races who threaten their territory. 

Maybe I will write a follow up about some of my experience with blacks in the work place, at a movie theater, and other fun experiences. I just want to leave you with this, I have interacted in life with far more Whites than blacks, yet I have never had an experience with Whites to the level I have had with blacks. I will never extend the benefit of the doubt to a group of blacks especially if I am in “their neck of the woods”.

  1. srdavidson
    May 2, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Great, insightful article, Otter. that is the kind of real-life experiences many Whites can relate to concerning Blacks. Some, much worse, as we know Blacks commit the vast majority of interracial crimes.

    What the public education system and mass media pump into young minds about godly, benevolent Blacks is entirely different than the reality of their disposition.

  2. May 4, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    I know some have been on the raw end of the blacks much worse than my tame stories, but that is all it took to get to keep my eye on those savages.
    It doesn’t take a beating or an attack on women in my family to wake up if you know what I mean.

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