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Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge

Star-lacrosse lover done stabbeth her Romeo Erectus. Leftist anti-Whites, so eager to plaster news scene with lurid tales of White collegiate racism and rape, now gets a curious case of the quietus as shades of Tawana Brawley she-boon Crystal “Magilla” Mangum proves once again a groid by any other name still “chimps out ‘n sheeet…

Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge

Published – Apr 19 2011 05:21AM EST

By MIKE BAKER – Associated Press

Crystal MangumNaugahyde-faced knuckle-dragger soon to be matriculating at Nigger college, better known as prison.

(AP Photo/Sara D. Davis)

In a Oct. 23, 2008 file photo, Crystal Mangum, who falsely accused Duke lacrosse players of rape, addresses the media during a press conference on the release of Mangum’s book, in Durham, N.C.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The woman who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006 was charged Monday with murder in the death of her boyfriend.

Crystal Mangum, 32, was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of larceny. She has been in jail since April 3, when police charged her with assault in the stabbing of 46-year-old Reginald Daye. He died after nearly two weeks at a hospital.

An attorney for Mangum did not return a call seeking comment. The district attorney’s office declined to discuss the case.

Mangum falsely accused the lacrosse players of raping her at a 2006 party for which she was hired to perform as a stripper. The case heightened long-standing tensions in Durham about race, class and the privileged status of college athletes.

The district attorney who championed Mangum’s claims was later disbarred. North Carolina‘s attorney general eventually declared the players innocent of a “tragic rush to accuse.”

Prosecutors declined to press charges for the false accusations, but Mangum’s bizarre legal troubles have continued.

Last year, she was convicted on misdemeanor charges after setting a fire that nearly torched her home with her three children inside. In a videotaped police interrogation, she told officers she set got into a confrontation with her boyfriend at the time — not Daye — and burned his clothes, smashed his car windshield and threatened to stab him.

Friends said Mangum has never recovered from the stigma brought by the lacrosse case and has been involved in a string of questionable relationships in an attempt to provide stability for her children. Vincent Clark, a friend who co-authored Mangum’s self-published memoir, said he hopes people don’t rush to judgment — echoing one of the oft-cited lessons of the lacrosse case itself.

Clark said Mangum realizes she has mental health problems.

“I’m sad for her. I hope people realize how difficult it is being her,” Clark said.

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