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Police Arrest Two in Orleans County Drug Bust

Orleans County’s 7 percent negro population takes a “crack” at assimilation and fails to convince racial wise guys that they/we can all just get along.

Once an area approaches that apocalyptic double digit ape representin’ tipping point, Libtards and ‘Pudlickins make like geese and get the flock out to Whiter expanses, all the while preaching their hypocritical propositional Utopian nation nonsense.

They love Die-versity–from a safe distance, that is.

Police Arrest Two in Orleans County Drug Bust

By: Mary McCombs

[ED.-Which one of these androgynous arboreals is Roosevelt? And does it really matter?]
In Orleans County a drug bust has led to the arrests of two people. Police said that the arrests cap a two month investigation.

Roosevelt Mitchell Jr., 26, and Catherine Thomas, 42, were arrested and face several charges, including criminal sale of a controlled substance.

After executing search warrants at two locations in Albion, police said that they found crack cocaine, $1,400 in cash, and drug paraphernalia.

Both are being held in the Orleans County Jail.


  1. April 11, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    You see it all the time SR. Once the “clouds” roll in the Whites head for zee hills.
    I have seen it over and over again and often times it is a towns own greedy suicidal tendency. They sniff that state aid, welfare money and start encouraging “diversity” in the name of equal rights and fair housing.

    Then all of the sudden, the town is looking at an inkwell and scratching their heads wondering “what happened”.

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