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Russia sentences Israeli to 18 years for sex trafficking

April 27, 2011 1 comment

While ‘Pudlickin puffers mount their dope-box (in ostentatious, Rush Limpdickian fashion) to bemoan, bewail and rail against the “cruel, barbaric treatment” of Muslim women at the hands of Muslim men, Izzy Incorporated continues its “ass” marketing of White women from Eastern Europe, filling its brothel big-box with fresh store-whores in order to satiate the debauched demands of  the verminous tribe of sewer rats customer base, better known as ‘your typical Jew.’

Clownservative page goys, as per their nose-in-the -poo obediance lessons, make nary a yelp or whimper for fear of being deprived of their kibbitz-n-bits from master Yid.

A major step in saving our race from such depredation will be the extinction of the anti-White Republican party and its gaggle of pander-ganders.

Russia sentences Israeli to 18 years for sex trafficking

According to the court, from 1999 to 2007, Avi Yanai and his accomplices sold hundreds of women for prostitution to Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

By Eli Shvidler

An Israeli citizen was sentenced yesterday to 18 years in prison by the Moscow military court, for organizing a vast network of sex trafficking. According to the court, from 1999 to 2007, when most of the network’s agents were arrested, Avi Yanai and his accomplices sold hundreds of women for prostitution to Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The minimal official estimate stands at 129 women, but some of the states still investigating the network put the number at several hundred. The women were lured from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Aside from Yanai, 83 people were arrested across Europe, 14 of them in Russia. The network is suspected to have produced tens of millions of dollars in profits for its operators, and some of the women trafficked may have been murdered by the Albanian mafia.

Rape victim - Aug. 8, 2009 - Tomer Neuberg A rape victim.
Photo by: Tomer Neuberg

“Some people, using false documents, registered fictitious companies in Russia promising people legal work abroad, mostly in Western Europe,” a senior Russian Federal Security Service investigator, Vitaliy Danilov, told the Izvestia newspaper. “They put out advertisements and people came in, bringing documents and pictures. By the time they came back to pick up their documents, work permits and Schengen-zone visas, the companies would be gone. Nobody, including the police, had any clue about why these documents were stolen.” Some 2,500 passports were stolen in all. The man in charge of the passports and visas for the network was an officer, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitri Strikanov, who was sentenced by the same military court to 12 years in prison, after prosecution did not manage to prove he knew the forged documents would be used for women trafficking.

The network then recruited women with promises of legitimate work as dancers or waitresses. The women paid 3 to 5 thousand Euros, and received the passports stolen earlier with their pictures. In some cases, fake stamps were used.

“Once they got abroad, the women would end up in real slavery,” Danilov said. “Sexual slavery. They didn’t get any money, their passports were usually taken and there was no way home. The Albanian pimps were particularly cruel, beating them bloody for any attempted escape. From what we’ve heard they may have killed at least one woman.”

Russian media reported Yanai was the brains behind most of the operation. Yanai, who moved to Russia in 2001, was arrested in May 2007, over a month after the rest of the group. His attorney, Karen Nersisyan, insists that his client was completely engrossed in running a legitimate business – a small filters factory – and had not broken any law.

The court refused Yanai’s request to be released on a million dollar bail. The Russian media coverage was not without anti-Semitic undertones: “The Israeli Avi Yanai marched down the hall, concealing the face of a Jewish patriarch and clutching a Torah,” website reported at one stage. The Israeli has previously been arrested in Israel on suspicions of trafficking in women. He was released under bail and had his passport confiscated, but in May 2001 managed to get the passport back under a bail of 30,000 shekels. In the six months since his arrest the Israeli prosecutors did not produce an indictment or even an indictment deadline.

His lawyer and family, however, protest his innocence. Nersisyan said that if Yanay was an organized crime boss he would have vanished in the month and a half that elapsed between the arrests of the other operatives and his own. Yanai’s daughter, Limor Yanai, alleged “absurd” behavior on the part of the prosecution and accused the court of censorship. The Russian prosecutors said that Yanay would frequently accompany the women he sold to Israel, to personally present them to local mobsters. They said he would use a foreign passport on these trips.


Miami Slice

April 23, 2011 1 comment

Nigger fambly values prove to be the cutting edge of multi-racial McAmerica as Aptly named NOGami does some kitchin bitchin’ and punctures tire-lipped nigger-baller ESPN jock-sniffer demi-god.

The only shocking part to this mundane nappy-knifing is the fact these jungle Jigs were actually married.

Police: WR Brandon Marshall stabbed by wife

{Ed.–I’ve got to give that Brandon Marshall credit; number one, he at least sticks with his own; number two,  if I had to wake every morning only to be greeted by this walrus-faced Joe camel stunt-double, I would have stabbed myself in the eyes…}
AP – This booking photo released Saturday April 23, 2011, by the Broward County Sherriff’s Office, shows …
Sat Apr 23, 3:46 pm ET

MIAMI – Authorities said the wife of Brandon Marshall stabbed the Miami Dolphins wide receiver with a kitchen knife, and his agent said Saturday that the player was recovering.

Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was arrested Friday evening and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Nogami-Marshall told officers she was defending herself. Marshall had earlier told officers he slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase, but the officers noted that evidence at the couple’s home didn’t substantiate that claim.

Nogami-Marshall was released from jail Saturday on $7,500 bail. It was unclear if she had an attorney.

“This is a very difficult time for Brandon and family, thankfully he will make a full recovery,” Marshall’s agent, Kennard McGuire, said in a statement.

The NFL lockout restricts team contact with players. However, a team doctor for the Dolphins can see Marshall and consult with Marshall’s other doctors, and the team can express appropriate well wishes, said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.

Marshall married Michi Nogami in Miami last July. They met while both were students at Central Florida. They live in Southwest Ranches, which is near the Dolphins’ complex in Davie.

A year ago last week, Marshall, 27, was traded to the Dolphins by the Denver Broncos for two second-round draft picks. In Denver, he caught at least 100 passes three consecutive years and twice made the Pro Bowl. Yet he wore out his welcome, in part because of a long legal record.

In March 2009, Marshall was arrested in Atlanta on misdemeanor battery charges stemming from a fight with Nogami-Marshall, who was his fiancee at the time. The charges were dropped when both refused to testify.

Marshall was also involved in a New Year’s Eve fight that led to the 2007 drive-by slaying of Broncos teammate Darrent Williams.


Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge

April 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Star-lacrosse lover done stabbeth her Romeo Erectus. Leftist anti-Whites, so eager to plaster news scene with lurid tales of White collegiate racism and rape, now gets a curious case of the quietus as shades of Tawana Brawley she-boon Crystal “Magilla” Mangum proves once again a groid by any other name still “chimps out ‘n sheeet…

Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge

Published – Apr 19 2011 05:21AM EST

By MIKE BAKER – Associated Press

Crystal MangumNaugahyde-faced knuckle-dragger soon to be matriculating at Nigger college, better known as prison.

(AP Photo/Sara D. Davis)

In a Oct. 23, 2008 file photo, Crystal Mangum, who falsely accused Duke lacrosse players of rape, addresses the media during a press conference on the release of Mangum’s book, in Durham, N.C.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The woman who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her in 2006 was charged Monday with murder in the death of her boyfriend.

Crystal Mangum, 32, was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of larceny. She has been in jail since April 3, when police charged her with assault in the stabbing of 46-year-old Reginald Daye. He died after nearly two weeks at a hospital.

An attorney for Mangum did not return a call seeking comment. The district attorney’s office declined to discuss the case.

Mangum falsely accused the lacrosse players of raping her at a 2006 party for which she was hired to perform as a stripper. The case heightened long-standing tensions in Durham about race, class and the privileged status of college athletes.

The district attorney who championed Mangum’s claims was later disbarred. North Carolina‘s attorney general eventually declared the players innocent of a “tragic rush to accuse.”

Prosecutors declined to press charges for the false accusations, but Mangum’s bizarre legal troubles have continued.

Last year, she was convicted on misdemeanor charges after setting a fire that nearly torched her home with her three children inside. In a videotaped police interrogation, she told officers she set got into a confrontation with her boyfriend at the time — not Daye — and burned his clothes, smashed his car windshield and threatened to stab him.

Friends said Mangum has never recovered from the stigma brought by the lacrosse case and has been involved in a string of questionable relationships in an attempt to provide stability for her children. Vincent Clark, a friend who co-authored Mangum’s self-published memoir, said he hopes people don’t rush to judgment — echoing one of the oft-cited lessons of the lacrosse case itself.

Clark said Mangum realizes she has mental health problems.

“I’m sad for her. I hope people realize how difficult it is being her,” Clark said.

Because they were White

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Children To Take It In The Class

April 17, 2011 1 comment

PC poofs attempt back-door entry into public educational bath houses. History to be retold and rewritten to include Teddy Roosevelt’s famous charge of the ‘Rump Riders’ and the first gerbil to leave ‘behind’ the restrictive boundaries of the anal atmosphere and to boldly, if not electively,  go where “many men have been before.”

More social conditioning of your children courtesy of Big Jew and its orgy of  “aids.”

 Professor Fudgepacker here just can’t wait to take your kids on a field trip to the Gay Pride Parade. Guess who will be riding in the rear….

CA Senate bill mandates gay history in schools


By LISA LEFF, Associated Press Lisa Leff, Associated Press Thu Apr 14, 3:05 pm ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people would be added to the lengthy list of social and ethnic groups that public schools must include in social studies lessons under a landmark bill passed Thursday by the California Senate.

If the bill is adopted by the state Assembly and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, California would become the first state to require the teaching of gay history.

Supporters say the move is needed to counter anti-gay stereotypes and beliefs that make children in those groups vulnerable to bullying and suicide.

Opponents counter that such instruction would further burden an already crowded curriculum and expose students to a subject that some parents find objectionable.

The legislation, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco, passed on a 23-14 party line vote. It also would add disabled people to the curriculum.

The bill gives school districts flexibility in deciding what to include in the lessons and at what grades students would receive them.

But starting in the 2013-14 school year, it would prohibit districts and the California Board of Education from using textbooks or other instructional materials that reflect adversely on gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Appealing to colleagues for support, Leno said gay children still struggle routinely with verbal and physical abuse at school, even though society is more accepting than when he was a gay youth in the 1960s.

“We are second-class citizens and children are listening,” he said. “When they see their teachers don’t step up to the plate when their classmate is being harassed literally to death, they are listening and they get the message that there is something wrong with those people.”

Republican Sen. Doug La Malfa of Butte opposed the bill.

“I’m deeply troubled kids would have to contemplate at a very, very early age, when many of us are teaching abstinence … what is sexuality,” he said.

California law already requires schools to cover the contributions to the state and nation of women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, entrepreneurs, Asian Americans, European Americans, American Indians and labor.

A Warning for America from South Africa

April 13, 2011 1 comment

Great article on the plight of Whites in South Africa, and a warning to what we are facing here in America. The author clearly alludes to our misguided altruism, brought to its full malignant bloom by the seeds of religion and its egalitarian insanity.


A Warning for America
from South Africa

By Gemma Meyer

(Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist. She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament, still reside in South Africa.)

eople used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

America’s structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs, hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up conferences, writing your Congressman – that is what you know, and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political methods you’ve created for yourselves to keep your country on track and to ensure political accountability.

But woe to you if – or more likely, when – the rules change. White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game – violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves – Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.

Read more…

Police Arrest Two in Orleans County Drug Bust

April 11, 2011 1 comment

Orleans County’s 7 percent negro population takes a “crack” at assimilation and fails to convince racial wise guys that they/we can all just get along.

Once an area approaches that apocalyptic double digit ape representin’ tipping point, Libtards and ‘Pudlickins make like geese and get the flock out to Whiter expanses, all the while preaching their hypocritical propositional Utopian nation nonsense.

They love Die-versity–from a safe distance, that is.

Police Arrest Two in Orleans County Drug Bust

By: Mary McCombs

[ED.-Which one of these androgynous arboreals is Roosevelt? And does it really matter?]
In Orleans County a drug bust has led to the arrests of two people. Police said that the arrests cap a two month investigation.

Roosevelt Mitchell Jr., 26, and Catherine Thomas, 42, were arrested and face several charges, including criminal sale of a controlled substance.

After executing search warrants at two locations in Albion, police said that they found crack cocaine, $1,400 in cash, and drug paraphernalia.

Both are being held in the Orleans County Jail.