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Is Rev Al Sharpton Helping Whites?

Maybe you heard about the little girl who was unknowingly used on a billboard that offered a message to blacks to stop killing their babies at an alarming rate. It reads “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the womb”.

Can blacks even read this?

Pro-Black Activists Should Support This Billboard

Some say the news story is about the little girls unwilling inclusion in an anti abortion campaign, or Rev Al being upset that this is an anti black or racist sign, or Rev Al is not more upset over the truth of the billboard, or the stats that back up the statement, or finally what if blacks were not aborting their babies so often (economically and socially speaking).

Well Rev Al thinks the news story is that “this is an attack on the rights of black woman and disrespectful especially during black history month”.

The Rev

Race Trader

As a pro-White Man watching his own race go through political and suicidal genocide, I say thank you Rev Al for taking away that public service message that could educate blacks to stop and think about what they are doing to their race.

But I have to think Al is “sharper” than that right? Is there another motive for Al? Is it possible that Al need blacks to remain stupid, sexualy promiscuous, criminal, and socially chaotic?

In NYC 60% of black pregnancies are aborted! On average in New York State 50% of all black pregnancies are aborted! That is an astounding rate of black population reduction. So again, thank you Rev Al for helping Whites in a transparent race war. However I see what you are doing you slimy race trader. Just like the blacks that sold slaves across the world you are benefiting from your own races plight.

Evil Twins

Two black Peas in a Pod


I think he and Brother Jackson are opportunistic traders to their own race. They thrive on blacks staying down and being the victim.

On the sunny side, do you realize the amount of welfare saved, prison space saved, and crime that won’t occur due to the black race killing 50% or more of their offspring each year?

Now that is “half glass full” thinking.

  1. srdavidson
    February 25, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    No doubt about it, Al Sharpcoon is an opportunistic race-hustler who feeds on the continued Black/White dichotomy. He and Jesse should be shining shoes in Harlem.

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