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Reese’s Puff, General Mills, Anti- White

Reese’s Puffs is perpetuating race mixing as they advertise blacks and Whites together all enjoying black culture.

I mean their cereal is even a mix of White Puffs and Coco-Puffs. Now you look down at your bowl of cereal and see blacks and Whites mixing it up for breakfast!

Ah I am just kidding about the color of the cereal, but I will say there is something “fishy” going on at the Mill.

I can understand why General Mills is marketing to blacks, I just wonder if the General Mills folks simply do not care about White people or for that matter the homogeny of any race. In their latest commercials and marketing campaign, it is clear that General Mills is focusing on blacks in their campaign. I see nothing wrong with that, in fact it is a smart move. They are appealing to the lower denominator of intelligence which removes the White intellect as a sales barrier. Throw in some chimps, primitive beats, and the monkeys will come running to eat that crap regardless of nutrition and taste.

You can see the urban targeted marketing at the next two links:


In this clip a rapping gang of thugs bust into a house occupied by the whitest blacks you will ever see: 

 And at this site you can become a rapper:


Oh and Nickelodeon doesn’t miss a chance to get in on this:


But what bothers me more than the breed mixing overtone is the anti-White sentiment in the General Mills ad campaign, especially in one particular ad.

While the web is littered with Reese’s Puff ads featuring “gangsta” thugs rapping or selling puffs with the innuendo that they are selling drugs, there is another ad which I can’t seem to locate but is terribly anti-White.

The ad I speak of is pumped out hourly on Nickelodeon and Disney. The TV ad features kids on a bus admiring a macho White guy in a sports car, fade to a ….black guy in a pimp wagon blasting rap music while eating Reese’s Puffs and all the kids rush to the other side of the bus, then it cuts back to the “loser” White guy who is ashamed that he is not the “cool black guy”.

This kind of messaging has been going on for a very long time. Just thinking of the TV shows and advertisements that show White Men as wimpy, stupid, irresponsible, and or bigoted and hateful gets my blood boiling. It amazes me when my White friends and family not only miss these overtones but laugh along at the joke. We have been conditioned way too far from our own White pride and have been tricked into thinking we are the same as other dark races.

We are not the same. Whites and blacks have never lived together successfully. All the “black washing” in the world will never change the fact that Whites and blacks can’t co-exist in the same communities under the same laws. Wake up folks. Don’t be fooled again.

  1. March 4, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Go Reeses Go Reeses Go.

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