The Double Whammy

Just when I think my racial radar is precisely tuned in, I find a news story that turns my needle 180 degrees. Maybe I need to stop judging anticipated actions of groups of people based on the color of their skin.

This week an unsuspecting White man learned real world die-versity in a smash mouth game of “Get Whitey”.

I can only surmise this happy go lucky White victim was flitting along on his merry way, head in the sand, most likely believes in gun control, and would never be concerned with big bad brownies in his proximity. After all we are all the same right, black White, Yellow, tan?

Well, all of the sudden, WHAMMY! A brother from another mother starts beating him to liberate reparations from this slave owning Whitey.

All of the sudden, KABLAM! A second brownie comes into the picture, but to my amazement the unidentified wet back peeled the coon off the victims back.

Wow! I mean WOW, have I been wrong all this time? Are the browns actually just like us Whites?  Only a few bad apples but when it comes down to it, we are all one, we do all care about each other no matter the color of our skin?!

Amazing. I think this is the awakening I have been waiting for.  

Oh but a wait a minute. The wet back decided to reward himself for his heroic action. Instead of offering to see if the victim was okay, or to help dust him off, the wetback ran away with the victims backpack. Hence the double whammy. You silly White rabbit, you will never learn.

  1. srdavidson
    February 20, 2011 at 10:44 am

    That’s a classic story, Otter. Looks like the pack mentality of these non-Whites instinctively kicked in as the Frito Bandito made off with the goodies.

    I can picture this poor, metrosexual White-guy. Back-pack on like an eight-year-old Jap kid you used to see in those Godzilla flicks; Old Navy shirt. Saggy, dirty, 100 dollar jeans; happily munching on a packet of gummy bears as he admired the DIE-versity around him. We have a looong way to go.

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