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A Nog in need means a White will bleed.

Florence White-n-gale gets lead-n-dead by making fatal error common to libtards that ghetto Orcs are human. Here’s an axiom for egalitarian nit-wits like Yvonne:  Any nigger you try to save, puts a Whitey in his grave.


It was just over a year ago, early February, 2010, that Shreveport Green’s Assistant Director was gunned down inside her S-U-V by a student worker whom she had taken under her wings. {ED-The only thing this violent savage should be under is an oak tree, dangling from a rope.}

Now, justice for Yvonne Lee.{ED-Justice? What, feeding this bush-buck three squares a day and giving him free room and board in nigger-college? Justice would be running this yard-ape through a wood chipper then expediting all of his malevolent species back to ‘Freaka, on pain of death}


It took a Caddo Parish jury just one-hour and fifteen-minutes to return a verdict against her student worker Markeece Mosley — Guilty of second-degree murder.

Hey ‘Pudlickins! I think I found your replacement for Michael Steele! This Rape-Ape looks like he has the cripplingly low IQ of a typical Glenn Beck fan.


Lee was taking Mosley home after work, when he reportedly took out a handgun and shot her twice in the head as they were going down Wyngate.  The S-U-V crashed and Mosley took off.  A passer-by found Lee slumped over the steering wheel and called police.  When officers got there the motor was still running.

Recent developments show that Mosley apparently stole an I-phone and some money from another worker at Shreveport Green and Lee suspected that Mosley probably did it.  Mosley did return the cell phone, but not the money. {ED-Probably long spent on orange soda pop, malt liquor and lottery scratch-offs.}

Yvonne Lee
Another sad example of the tragic consequences of treating Blacks as equals.

Yvonne Lee

When she was killed, Lee was taking Mosley to his home in the 900 block of Bartlett Street to get his mother to sign an authorization to administer a polygraph test on her son, who was just 17 years old.  Prosecutors believe that was the motive for the shooting. {ED-Bullshit. Pathetic how this article tries to obliquely justify this nigger’s violent behavior. Then why did this coon steal her money and phone? This is typical of niggers. Like a wild beast, they just chimp-out at any time. Reason and forethought are as alien to these gorillas as morality and working for a living.}

Mosley is set to be sentenced this Monday, February 14th, by Judge Roy Brun.  He’s likely to get life in prison at hard labor, without the benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence. {ED-Hard labor,lol. But I suppose washing dishes in the prison cafeteria twice a week constitutes hard labor for niggers.}

  1. February 12, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    This is where I try to tell our casual readers who would never admit to thinking “our way” or admit reading a blog of this nature and who have been beat with the White Guilt Hammer, it is okay to be cautious of the blacks.

    Eventually you will all have to pick a side (or tribe). When it all boils down you better hope you are on the White side because when the country is driven to crime and self preservation, even the most sympathetic black supporters will becomes the first victims of violence at the hands of blacks.

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