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Black Tesla and Edison give us the “current” state of nigger edjumacation by bustin’ some caps inside scholastic ape academy jungle gym.

Dispute over girl may be factor in Ohio fatal

By THOMAS J. SHEERAN | Published: 3:54 AM 02/07/2011 | Updated: 2:18 AM 02/08/2011
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“Skoo days, skoo days, kill dem mutha-fuk-ahs…Fuck, dat dun don’t rhyme either!”
This booking photo provided by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Dept. shows Columbus E. Jones Jr. Jones, 22, and Braylon L. Rogers, 19, were charged Monday, Feb. 7, 2011 with aggravated murder, shooting into a house and 11 counts of felonious assault for a shooting Sunday at a fraternity house in Youngstown, Ohio that left one student dead and 11 other people wounded. (AP Photo/Mahoning County Sheriff’s Dept.) {ED.–Wild-eyed Mau-Mau are notoriously poor shots, much to our regret in this case…}

“Sheet, ah wonduh if dis iz gonna neg-a-tiv-ah-lee effects muh financial aids…”
This booking photo provided by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Dept. shows Braylon Rogers. Rogers, 19, and Columbus E. Jones Jr., 22, were charged Monday, Feb. 7, 2011 with aggravated murder, shooting into a house and 11 counts of felonious assault for a shooting Sunday at a fraternity house in Youngstown, Ohio that left one student dead and 11 other people wounded. (AP Photo/HO, Mahoning County Sheriff’s Dept.
Phil Walls, brother of one of the shooting victims, leaves a house in Youngstown, Ohio Monday, Feb. 7, 2011, where one college student was killed and 11 injured early Sunday. A day after an admired college student was shot dead and 11 people were injured, the governor, college officials and friends were seeking an explanation for the violence. {ED–Um, let me posit an explanation: Could it be because they are NIGGERS?}

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — While police still worked to piece together what led to a deadly Ohio fraternity house party, witnesses said Monday that an argument over a girl prompted two men to open fire on the crowd, sending party-goers into a panic, injuring 11 people and leaving a college student struggling for his life.

Police said a dispute ensued Sunday night at the Omega Psi Phi fraternity house; one man was thrown out of the party and the other followed. They returned sometime later and began spraying bullets into the crowd, police said. Youngstown State University senior Jamail Johnson, 25, was killed. Police arrested two men that evening. {ED-More like two anthropoidal bipeds.}

Investigators did not know Monday what the initial argument was about and were searching for a motive, but people at the party told a friend of Johnson’s who was sleeping at the house that the gunmen had argued with others over a girl earlier in the evening. Isaiah Lee, 19, said his friend was trying to defuse the situation when the shots rang out. {ED-Ape law falls on deaf ears and primitive mind.}

“He was trying to be a hero,” Lee said. “He was trying to get them out of there so nothing would happen, no fight.” {ED–I’m sure the movie-inspired by true events will star some mulatto Sheenywood star of the month opposite two evil White Nazis as the antagonists/shooters.}

Youngstown police were trying to determine if disturbances at another fraternity party and a Youngstown club the same night were related to the shootings

Police arrested 19-year-old Braylon L. Rogers and 22-year-old Columbus E. Jones Jr., who was released from prison in April 2009 after serving a sentence for burglary. {ED-Sounds like a kid who is going places.Typically,through your personal items in the bedroom.} The two were charged with aggravated murder, shooting into a house and 11 counts of felonious assault, police said. Neither is a university student nor a fraternity member. {ED-Like any of these Magillas can be defined as a “student.” I find the term “inmate” to be the correct appellation.}

Jail officials did not know if the men have attorneys. {ED-Don’t worry, Whitey will be paying for a couple public defenders for these section 8 Simians.} They were jailed in the Mahoning County Jail and were scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. Youngstown Police Chief Jimmy Hughes said the charges could be adjusted.

When a resident of the two-story brick house told Lee that people had been shot, he said he went downstairs to find out what happened. There he found his friend, lying in a pool of blood. {ED-C’mon, the joint was chock full of “bloods.”}

“I went downstairs and there he was, just covered in blood,” Lee said. “There was so much commotion going on. Everyone was angry. All this blood is everywhere.”

Johnson had been trying to separate two groups having a dispute among the 50 or so party-goers, police said. Witnesses told investigators that when the shots rang out, “it was practically a stampede atmosphere,” said city prosecutor Jay Macejko. {ED-just like when they open a new KFC in the city, I imagine.}

An autopsy report showed Johnson died of gunshot wounds to the head and one of his legs. {ED-I’ll bet the only thing they found in its hollowed-out coconut husk-head was the bullet.}

“There was quite a bit of loss of blood from the leg,” said Joseph Ohr, a forensic pathologist from the Mahoning County coroner’s office.

Six of the injured party-goers were students. Eight were treated at a nearby hospital and released Sunday, hospital spokeswoman Tina Creighton said. She would not release the conditions of the remaining three.

Monday, about 200 people attended a prayer service at the campus student center. They sang, prayed and read the Bible. {ED-And tomorrow, they’ll be right back to their nigger savagery.}

“God will bring comfort and understanding to every situation,” said Marteece Waters, one of the organizers. {ED–I just talked to gawd, Mr. Waters, and he said- “FUCKING NIGGERS!”}

Johnson had recently traveled to North Carolina for a fraternity program emphasizing manhood and scholarship, said Christopher Cooper, a legal officer for Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He said Johnson was “just an excellent, excellent young man.” {ED-Gosh, aren’t they all? I mean, just look at the Utopia Afreaka is…}

Members of the university-sanctioned fraternity lived at the house, though the fraternity does not own it. {ED-“Make Whitey pay foe dat shit!”}

The police chief said the shootings should not damage the city’s reputation for reducing its crime rate in recent years. The city averaged 50 homicides a year in the 1990s, compared to just 20 homicides last year, he said. {ED–Keep bringing in the federally funded Golliwogs and you’ll see many more, chief.}

But Ryan Wild, a freshman who was sitting outside the prayer service, said any violence in the city poses a risk to the university community. {ED–Really? You mean the introduction of chimps chimpin’ out and spraying people with gunfire poses a risk to the university? My, you’re a sharp one, Chaka.}

About 15,000 students attend the urban campus {ED-translation: Coons aplenty!} in northeast Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line.

“I feel Youngstown has a reputation of being violent,” Wild said. {ED–Translation: It is full of NIGGERS} “It’s going to take a long time to change people’s minds about Youngstown.”


Associated Press writers Meghan Barr in Cleveland, Kantele Franko in Columbus, Ohio, and Sofia Mannos in Washington contributed to this report.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/07/ysu-student-fatally-shot-at-ohio-frat-house/#ixzz1DbpPuNbx

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