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Walmart employee accused of faking robbery, stealing $160,000

Walmart wiggress with hammerhead shark spaced eyes gets caught with paw in the till. Employing Blacks to man cash-room is like leaving an unlocked van full of fried chicken in Salvation Army parking lot on West Avenue.

Even Mother Teresa would have unloaded a twelve-gauge into this carp-faced bottom feeder…

An employee is accused of stealing $160,000 from the Walmart store in Gates after first reporting that she was forced to pull a robbery.

Andrea N. Gray, 39, of Rochester is charged with second-degree grand larceny. She’s scheduled to appear in state Supreme Court next Tuesday on an indictment handed up last month.

The money she allegedly stole has not been recovered. Gray is being held in Monroe County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Gray, who worked in the cash room of the Walmart store at 2150 Chili Ave., claimed Nov. 12 that two men kidnapped her at gunpoint in the driveway of her home on Lenox Street and one of the men forced her to drive to the store by threatening to kill her three sons, according to court documents.

At the store, the man stayed in her car while she went into the cash room and loaded money into a bag, she claimed. She said she took the bag out to him in the car, gave it to him, and watched him drive off in her car.

But when police pressed her about inconsistencies in her story, she claimed that her boyfriend had talked her into the heist and staged her abduction in her driveway in case neighbors were watching.

“I am sorry I did this stupid thing,” she told police in a signed statement. “I only wanted money to move to a better apartment.”

Her boyfriend has not been charged. Police searched his Rochester business and the home he shared with a woman who worked for him — who also identified herself as his girlfriend — but didn’t recover the money.


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