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MLK Black Achievement Award 1/18/11

And our first ‘Negro Achievements Past and Present YO!’ award (Better known as the “Nappy”) goes to ‘Downstate’ Darren Venable. Congratulations, homey!

“Ize likes ta thanks da Raid Robins Chronicles foe dis honor an ah prestigimous award…An Ize likes ta thanks muh pappy, buts who da fuck know who he am…”

Aspiring Doctor Zaius attempts to raise his blade point average by giving evisceration dissertation to fellow scholastic soot-sloth. College administration puts on the shocked-n-dismayed routine, but resolutely reaffirms its commitment to DIE-versity and more importantly, the fat chunk of change these Urban Orangutans bring in via state and federal minority educational grants.

Darren will soon be transferring to a 4 years- to- life nigger college, better known as the state pen, where he will be completing his PHD in TNB.

The University of Rochester student accused of murdering another student is expected to be arraigned in the morning. Police say 20 year old Daren Venable stabbed 20 year old Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr. early Saturday morning.

Rochester police say the two were arguing during a party at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house around 1 a.m.

Family says Bordeaux attended Brighton High School. University officials say Venable is from the New York City area.

Police say Bordeaux was stabbed and died soon after at the hospital. Venable is expected to be arraigned on a second-degree murder charge Monday morning.

The U of R community is now left to deal with what’s happened.

In a statement University President Joel Seligman says Bordeaux, a junior majoring in political science, was a winner of two scholarships to support his study in Shanghai, China, starting next month.

“Our profound grief goes out to Jeffrey’s family, especially his mother Dolores Forest and his father Jeffrey Bordeaux, and his many friends,” said Seligman. “Jeffrey was a remarkable young man, an active member of the campus community, and known and liked by many on campus. His loss leaves a sense of terrible emptiness for all of us.”

Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr. 

Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr.

Officers found Bordeaux on the ground outside the fraternity house with wounds to his upper chest. He was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead a short time later.

“The altercation was really limited to two individuals,” said RPD Commander Tim List. “This wasn’t a random act. We really don’t expect any further incidents to take place because of this.”

The university is holding an informal service for students at 6 p.m. at the campus interfaith chapel. It’s open for students to come in and share their thoughts.

Word started to spread across the U of R campus through the morning. A spokesperson says students were notified by email.

“We have very few incidents of violence,” said student Isabel Wille. “Anything like that is surprising to hear. I wasn’t expecting it at all when I heard about it. But it is the first weekend back and people get out of hand and it’s unfortunately that it happened in this manner.”

“It’s terrible, I guess. I’m not really sure what else to say,” said student Tyle Stelzig. “You just kind of hope something like that never happens I guess.”

The university has set up counseling for students, including those who may have witnessed the assault.

“We have extensive counseling services,” said U of R spokesman Larry Arbeiter. “Those counselors are already available and on call. Our students have already received an email notice. It’s not an alert because we don’t believe there’s any further risk from this incident. But they’ve been notified this has happened and encouraged to call if they would like to access counseling.”

Arbeiter says university staff that works closely with fraternities will be looking into what happened.

The police investigation also continues. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911.

Seligman also addressed the suspect in the case.

“Our hearts also go out to Daren Venable, who has been charged in Jeffrey’s death, and his family and friends,” said Seligman. “This is also a tragedy for all of them.”


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