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Mudspace bed-bugs bring us a taste of turd-world chivalry by gang-raping teen. While McAmericans tune into President Bojangles’  Circus of the the Stars in order to be tube-fed their daily dosage of maudlin cry-wire acts and opportunistic center-ring theatrics, the unrestrained crush of non-White immigration continues its ruthless campaign of  genocide and terror under the big tent.


Cops: Gang rape of girl, 14, recorded on cell phone

Four Stickney teenagers gang-raped a 14-year-old girl and recorded the attacks on a cell phone, police said this morning.

Alex Picallo, 16, Majeed Khalifeh, 18, and Jonathan Leanos, 19, were charged Wednesday with two counts each of aggravated criminal sexual assault in the incident at Leanos’ Stickney home in the 3900 block of Wesley on Saturday, police said. Picallo was charged as an adult.

A fourth suspect, Vicente Hernandez, 22, of Cicero, was similarly charged today and is scheduled to appear at a bond hearing in the Bridgeview courthouse later today.

Leanos met the victim, who does not live in Stickney, online on the MySpace site last summer, and they met several times before Leanos took the victim to his house Saturday, police said.

When she refused his request for sex, Leanos took her cell phone and forced her to have sex, police said. He then drove her to pick up Khalifeh and Hernandez, and they all returned to Leanos’ house, where they were met by Picallo, police continued. Leanos told the girl to have sex with his friends, and cell phones were used to record the assault.

  1. January 15, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I was looking for the ethnicity of teh victim, from the name I gather White.

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