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Another Example of White Nations Darkening

Most readers of this blog will understand that there is a worldwide mantra that states, Asian countries for Asians, Black Countries for Blacks, Hispanic Countries for Hispanics, Jewish countries for jews, but White Countries for every one. Whites are faced with having to homogenize with all other races and colors. Let me re-phrase that, ONLY White countries are forced to “diversify”, “tolerate”, “accept”, and “assimilate to other immigrants”. We kowtow to blacks, Mexicans, jews, and liberals as a way of life.

This premise that Whites must do this has opened our White nations to endure more violence and crime than even the most primitive dark nations won’t tolerate. Well that could be an exaggeration, but you get my point. We as Whites face black and brown crime unnecessarily.

Case in point, lets look at New Zealand, demographics as follows: European 56.8%, Asian 8%, Maori 7.4%, Pacific islander 4.6%, mixed 9.7%, other 13.5% (2006 Census).

Yet, with a majority of White citizens they too are fraught with the plaque of primitive blacks causing Whites to fear their own home land and communities just like in the USA. It is so bad that even the below linked article about black gangs reads as if black violence is a matter of life and expected to occur.


Maybe someday White nations will wake up and see what is happening to them. Whites are the smallest race in the world and yet they are being forced into feeling guilty if they do not live among the blacks, browns, and jews.

  1. srdavidson
    January 13, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    I agree completely, Otter. The only answer for the survival of ALL races, is separation. You can “White Flight” but you can’t hide, White man and White woman. Eventually you’ll have to make a stand–for your children and for your lands.

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