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Wheelchair robber hits loan store – Lake County News-Sun

And I thought all black criminals were stupid.

This one is clever. I wonder what elderly white grandma was beat and robbed

in order for scooter to pull off this masterfull caper?

Sketch Artist Rendering "Hot Wheels Brotha' On Da' Loose"

WAUKEGAN — A man riding a wheelchair robbed a loan store after a clerk helped him open the front door.An employee told police that a man waited outside Plus Loan Store, 1428 N. Lewis Ave., in a wheelchair around 8:45 p.m. Monday for an employee to help him enter the business.Once inside, the man jumped out of the wheelchair and got into the normaly locked offices and service counter area wielding a handgun. He took an undisclosed amount of cash from a drawer and the safe before fleeing on foot, leaving the wheelchair behind.The robber was described as a black male, about 6 feet tall with a thick or stocky build. He was wearing blue jeans, black jacket and a tan hat with a scarf masking his face, police said.

Wheelchair robber hits loan store – Lake County News-Sun

  1. srdavidson
    December 29, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    I can imagine the Wheelchair; over-sized spinner pimp rims, 15-inch sub woofer blaring hip-hop jungle noise, seat tilted way back for that “gangsta” slouch…

    It is surprising though that the article admitted up front that the perp was a “Black male.” They usually try not to disclose the racial reality of crime.

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