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A Christmas story

It never fails to amaze me how White women display more courage than your typical limp-dick male Repudlikin’. Here, we have a beautiful Aryan woman fighting back. Juxtapose that with your garden variety Clownservative male, who faints from the vapors at the mere utterance of the word Kike or Nigger.  These are the “men” that are going to protect our civilization? Remember this equation, dear readers:  Republicans = Losers. The only things they value and want to protect are their bank accounts and their “respectable” image.

Original Savage Chick calls out- by calling in- the anti-Christmas Kikesters who have been behind virtually ever attack on this Christian holy day. But try to tell that to the average Christian, who just can’t let go of their fatal attraction to these Talmudic scorned-toads.

Wake up, Christians. They ain’t your biblical buddies. The Jews despise you, your religion, and will not be satisfied until it and everything deemed to be part of White culture is expunged from the past, present and future.

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