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Press 2 For English

Good god man, I am on fire over something I learned today. My wife and I were talking about our kids and how well they were doing in school (hate to brag but one is honor roll, the other high honor roll), and in particular my oldest child is doing better in Spanish than we anticipated. 

I just mentioned to my wife that I wish they offered German or even Mandarin in our school. Her response was, “well Spanish is what schools are focusing on. In fact when our youngest child goes into Kindergarten they are starting Spanish and it is required every year for the rest of her school career”.

WHAT! You are kidding me. I am shocked by this. My young child will be subjected to this brainwashing and there is little I can do about it if I want to utilize public school. 

While my wife is no fan of the darkening of the USA, she has bought into the concept that since the population of Spanish speaking people is growing so rapidly that kids “need” to learn Spanish. Americans have been sold this bill of goods and it is so bad it is being forced into our schools as early as Kindergarten. My kids go to a predominantly White school. Our community is 99.8% White. There is no need for learning Spanish in this manner. It should be elective and there should be more languages offered. 

But this is what America has come to accept and believe. Instead of making immigrants assimilate to our culture and language, we are being forced to accommodate illegal and legal immigrants’ needs over our own productivity and continuation of America’s White heritage. This is all in the guise of a few fallacies such as “you will get a great job if you know Spanish”, or “we need to know Spanish to be able to get along with the growing population of non-English speaking people”. These ideas are not only wrong, but mis-guided and damaging to our countries White heritage.

Let’s face facts, schools have liberal based curriculums these days. Among many of their evils, they want to create an army of social servants to deal with serving the ever growing influx of immigrants. The best way to serve them is to be able to speak their language. So everyone can have a social community job and serve their community which is quickly being overtaken by immigrants ala’ California, Arizona, Texas, etc. Yes indeed pander to non-productive lower level humans with no desire to assimilate to American culture.

People need to be realistic. If we really need to learn a language and force our kids to adopt, it should be Mandarin. Business is done in China. China owns the US. Chinese are smarter more resourceful people that we should be more concerned about understanding than Mexicans.

I may bark a lot, but this has me very irritated. I am not sure what course of action I will take with this, but I won’t be letting this slide.

Think of this rant next time you have to select English at a bank or for customer service when English should be the default.

  1. srdavidson
    December 8, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Glad to hear your kids are doing well, Otter. We will need bright, capable White men and women to save our civilization from the liberal dark-side.

    There isn’t much more I can add to your post. You’ve nailed it. These elite, anti-White psychopaths and their educational underlings will not be satisfied until every aesthetic brush-stroke of our racial portrait is smeared and defaced with the fecal matter of alien non-White culture.

    Funny how no school is pushing “Yiddish.” Wouldn’t want the goy to eavesdrop on the master’s genocidal conversations…

  2. December 10, 2010 at 11:16 am

    SR, I see things like the Dream Act, Prefered Travelers, etc…and I now know that this has been a long standing effort against Whites going back many decades. Whites are getting pushed to the edge, and I warn all those who push…..I will not simply allow my family to fall off the edge.

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