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The Whigger

Is there anything as repugnant and loathsome as the ‘Whigger?’ How wimpish and depleted of masculinity do you have to be to find yourself aping the dumbest, most useless droppings of genetic jenkum White civilization has ever had the miserable displeasure of sharing the same planet with? Why would any White man WANT to be Black? It’s like having your choice of banging any women you desire, and you pick Ellen Kagen.

Sure, I’ve heard the arguments that Whites are taught that their race is guilty of every injustice ever perpetrated, that Jew-run Hollywood promotes the Negro as the Alpha male, while conversely portraying the White man as a nutless eunuch, but c’mon man, we can’t lay it all at the feet of our enemies and the brain-blow they peddle. It takes something a bit closer to home to make one shuffle around with his boxers around his thighs and his constellationally pimpled ass cheeks exposed sunrise to sun-down.

Fact is, most of these nigger wannabees are floating their dinghy on the left side of the bell curve. They are sheep. Consummate followers of the semitic shepards that lead them to gregariously graze at whatever self-humiliating pasture they see fit. And what better mortification than having these dimwitted, droopy-drawered douchebags mimic the most profoundly primitive primate that ever loped across a desert plain with a lion in hot pursuit.

I once read a comment by a former prison guard from California who stated this whole faggy fashion started in the prisons, where the homosexual Black population  (which, when it comes to the Negro philosophy of any port in a storm, is virtually all of them) would wear their pants low to basically inform the rest of the incarcerated that they were more than happy to offer their non-verbal orifice to any and all takers. Sure, they’ll tell you it is actually because they were not allowed belts, but we know that’s bullshit. It was never a problem before. All you have to do is look at the appallingly high HIV stats regarding Blacks, to realize there isn’t much more to this than meets the brown-eye.

To their defense though, at least Blacks are only acting as they are genetically programmed to. After all, you wouldn’t expect your pet beagle to stop walking on all fours and licking his private parts. But it seems the Whites who play Snoop Dogg dress-up haven’t the cognitive ability or integrity of even this lowly, albeit lovable, pooch.

I am no longer giving a free pass to Whiggers. Regardless of their struggling opaque glow of mental prowess; regardless of the realistic premise they were probably raised by single moms, and lacked a strong male role-model. Nope, I’m sick of putting up with these raceless twits blaring nigger noise from the interior of their Japanese lawn mowers- a tiresome attempt at attention from a world that only laughs at their clownish conformity- I’ve had it with the buffoonish cocked baseball caps and the incessant nigger-babble they mumble to each other over their imbi-cell phones.

No, I think it’s time we shame them. Mock them. Laugh at these jerk-offs, adorned in their empurpled Chink-rags. No more excuses. No more free get out of Coon-Town cards. Act White or face the consequences. And if you just ain’t “jiggy” with being part of your own tribe… your own folk…

…Well, we’ll be more than happy to send you over to Haiti and Ethiopia when the time comes. Hope you enjoy the 3rd world living, Whigger. Try not to get eaten, won’t you?

  1. Spike
    November 26, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Fantastic article SR. I will never understand why so many white kids are ashamed of their race, when their race is what gave them everything they have today.

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