The Manchurian Kindergartener

dumpy dykey public school inquisitor demonstrates a lesson in White deracinating 101, by verbally lashing innocent White kids with absurd, politically correct cat o’ lyin’ tales.

This is the kind of mental abuse/indoctrination of shame being meted out to our children by the greasy educational offal entrenched in the system like a dung beetle in a pile steaming elephant shit. This culture of  illiberal mind fungus needs to be scraped off  the conscience of our civilization, and then be put to the torch, along with the likes of the sophistic slatterns exemplified in this video, force-feeding our kids a wicked witches brew of anti-White bile.

Whites have created the greatest civilizations this planet has ever seen, and these Marxist scumbags and their bitter non-White meal worms (who enjoy a living standard a million times better than if they lived in their own squalid, backward-ass guano mounds) are well aware of this. It’s time to stand up to them, brothers and sisters. Let them reap the whirlwind of our wrath as we begin to take OUR institutions, governments and countries back!

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