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I am a c lairvoyant….I think.

I posted this https://redrobinchronicles.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/you-can-be-stylish-or-think-for-yourself/  article about the education gap between blacks and whites. In that article I mentioned how the school success rate correlates in sync with the figures from studies of IQ. Meaning in order from dunce to smart; blacks, latino’s, Whites, and Asians. 

After reflecting on that article and discovering many more articles on the subject specifically articles from liberal sources such as NY Time, NPR, CNN, etc.

I started to notice a theme. The theme is a call to action to fix the problem.

Here is a list of the articles:





 On to my ability to see the future. Each article dabbles in the facts. They site quotes saying wealthy and healthy blacks are scoring the same as poor or disabled Whites. The point being socioeconomic status has nothing to do with the results of the studies illustrating the education gap between blacks and Whites. They are however afraid to mention other studies that show lower IQ from minorities.

 I surmise that this story is going to gain steam, main stream TV attention, radio talk show circuits, etc. These media outlets will call this a national catastrophe, a crime against civil rights, and assault of diversity, and it will be called many other catchy things making it a priority for government to fight this battle and defeat ignorance!

 This will rile up the American people and they will demand something be done to save the children! All the while forgetting the White children, the majority children, the already rejected children, the guilty (of being White) children. Millions of dollars will be thrown at this “catastrophe” in the name of elevating black boys all across the country. All the while as they take more tax money from the tax coffers, they will further dumb down Whites education to try to make everyone equal.

The government and school systems have already been doing this for years with no success and now the “experts” epiphany at present reveals a dire situation for black boys that are drastically worse today than it has ever been in all the years of “fixing” the problem. 

So I ask you, when do we stop the bleeding? When do we say, it doesn’t work? When do we admit there are intelligence differences between races? When do we realize you can’t make everyone the same?

 When do we realize, if everyone is the same, then no one is exceptional?

 EDIT: As I was writing this, another rag put out this story claiming the Whitehouse must intervene. I guess I am clairvoyant!                                                                                                                                                        http://rollingout.com/insiderohome/ro-today/11730-black-male-student-achievement-at-crisis-level-study-shows-white-house-needs-to-intervene.html

  1. srdavidson
    November 16, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    You called this one, Otter. More White tax dollars soon to be siphoned out of our pockets in order to continue the futile attempt at altering the IQ deficiencies inherent in the Black populace. A better solution would be to end the madness and allow the races to separate and be in control of their own destiny.

    How many times can they point at money/government as the problem/answer? Poor Whites living in the hills of West Virginia score higher, Amerindians living in their slummy reservations score higher, both having less resources thrown at them. For god’s sake, Blacks in this country have a higher standard of living than middle-class Whites in England!

    These illiberals have spent too much time sniffing the egalitarian glue. They live in some Hollyweird opium den where Blacks are performing brain surgery and calculating string theory equations.

    The reality is, Blacks lack the cognitive ability to advance civilization any farther than the primitive, barbaric landfill they’ve turned Haiti into.

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