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Anti American, Anti White HR1913

I read a brief news story today about a pending hate crime. It made me cringe as I remembered the Anti-American event when the Bill was passed. 

We all know that the Bill HR1913 (Hate Crime Bill) gives indistinct power to entities that ought not to have such autonomy when your own rights as a straight White citizen are in the balance. If you are White and find yourself at the ugly end of a conflict with a minority or gay (protected class), you will be looked at very hard for a hate crime. If a crime is deemed a “hate crime” it affords local authorities more money to investigate and prosecute the alleged perpetrator of the hate crime. It even pays for FBI support to the prosecutor and investigators (ala’ your tax dollars). 

The article linked below is a good example of putting ambiguous authority in the wrong hands. Think about if this is a crime or a hate crime.


The Bill talks about protected class, but never really spells out who that class is. So in theory anyone can be a victim of a hate crime.  But in reality White victims of crime rarely if ever get their victimization tagged as a hate crime, unless they are gay.

 The joke is, we are all offered equal protection under the law as stated in the 14th amendment of the constitution. If courts would adhere to the laws already written, there would be no need for HR1913. The hate crime Bill effectively reverses the 14th amendment and gives special protection to certain classes under the protection of the law.

 HR1913 is nothing more than a showpiece for democrats to wrangle in minority and gay votes. It is a fear tactic to make people behave and I believe it even is intended to stifle free speech. All in all it is another stab in the back of the White race that forged this country and made it productive and preferable. That is a fine thank you isn’t it?

 What is next protecting pedophiles, rapist, and illegal immigrants?

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