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Worth While Cross Blog

The following linked article is a great piece to show you hope if you are White and feel something within the political system is slanted against Whites. And if you feel diversity, affirmative action, inclusion, etc are amiss and you sense Whites aren’t allowed to advocate for the White race.

I share those feelings. I fear that if I speak out for my race I will be ostracized by society, potentially lose my lively hood, and have fear of societal repercussions (cower like a victim of shock treatment, or a beaten dog).

I have realized that is the effects of the White Guilt Hammer that has been beat upon my head since the 1st grade. The Jew controlled liberal media system and school system has done a great job of shaming Whites and putting blacks and other minorities on a pedestal.

There is hope. There are folks out there trying to inconspicuously advocate for Whites on the internet, groups and even politics, but it is a tricky tightrope walk balancing lively hood and bravery.

Check out this link and maybe it will overwhelm you with a feeling of possibility like it did me. Don’t be afraid to tell them who sent you.


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