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Would you hire him?

Please Hire Me

Well looky here, in Wisconsin black males tip the scale at 53% unemployment (15.7% nationally). Cited reasons due to “given up looking”, “incarceration”, and of course a “bad economy”. Wisconsin wide and Nationwide this figure is twice that of White males. Why do you think that is?

I would propose, Whites are better at maintaining a job and demonstrating business acumen. 

The following article even complains that companies are not willing to hire ex-convicts….maybe business owners are concerned about repeat offenders. I remember being in traffic court once and a black guy stole bags of frozen beef patties from the McDonalds he worked at. It was this jackass’s hat trick crime. 

With a declining graduation rate and an inclining criminal rate, who wants to take a chance on a black male unless he is well spoken and has graduated college? That is a needle in a hay stack.

 Good luck black man, and please try to keep your hand out of my pocket.


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