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You Can Lead a Monkey to a Banana….

Affirmative action, diversity, no (black) child left behind, NAACP, etc…..   Puding

I have always believed that ALL kids are not meant to go to college. We need production workers, service providers; you know “ditch diggers”. People to keep us moving and building products for Americans to consume. 

Yet, our liberal guided schools hyped up media and socialist tinted government force the issue in the opposite direction. Not only do they teach that you have to go to college, schools, government, and media have laid out this tone that if you don’t go to college you are less of a person. The government is dumping so much money into “workforce development” trying to cultivate a world of engineers, environmental specialists and over all technical workers. You have to wonder if this is on purpose to further drive America out of manufacturing. 

In this grand effort to get every kid, especially minorities into college they overlooked two important things. One, overall blacks do not have the aptitude for higher education, and two not everyone is cut out for college.

There is a laser focus on getting minorities (blacks) to college, but after all this time and money it isn’t working. Something else to note, the college graduation rate among blacks, Whites, latinos, and Asians correlates nicely with studied Intelligence Quotients. 

The national college graduation rate of black men 33.1 percent hispanic men is 41.1 percent and of native americans and Alaska natives 33.8 percent. In comparison, the graduation rate for White males is 54.5 percent. Asian/Pacific Islanders have the highest rate, 60.6 percent.

So why force people into college? Especially minorities who have proven time and time again they don’t want to be there.

….But You Can’t Make Him Eat it. 

For the un-molested story see the link below. File this under “duh”.


  1. srdavidson
    November 5, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    And how many of these non-Whites are just churned through the system and accredited in order to prop up the whole racial equality facade? How many deserving White children are denied educational grants and various state/federal funding because they are not a “minority?”

    We see this sham perpetrated in the public educational system with the “no child left behind” mantra.

    Who here when facing any kind of surgery would want some Black affirmative action grad operating on them?

    I’d also like to state you are dead right about how society looks down on blue collar workers, Otter. That is until these college educated intellectuals have to shell out a hundred bucks an hour to get their toilet unplugged or a new outlet put in their living room…

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