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Half a Buck, Half an Effort, and Half Baked

It was recently brought to the national news media attention that the Rochester, NY City School District (RCSD) assigned some interesting summer reading.
The Rochester Schools are horrible. The graduation rate is around 50% and the attendance rate is not much better. The number 50 seems to be a consistent theme for this district.
If you are a fine student of the RCSD and do zero homework, fail all of your tests, and seem to be absent more that 50% of the time, you will still earn an average of 50% out of 100% for your grade. This is a RCSD rule.

Yes but what does this have to do with “national news regarding interesting summer reading”? Read on my friends.
Well, oddly, coincidently one of the summer reading books for the fine students of RCSD was none other than “From Pieces To Weight” by 50 Cent. From Pieces to Weight is about the rapper 50 Cent and his struggle to the top of the rap world after an upbringing of violence, sex, and drugs.

See the peculiar tie in of the number 50? Strange and coincidental but not the story I want to tell you today. Today I want to use this book selection topic to show that schools continue to lower the standard of learning, and on a big picture level, the Department of Education sets these tones and is assisting with the dumbing down of America. And in turn is setting the stage for Whites to suffer from the effects of affirmative action, diversity, and inclusion.

In this micro level example of Rochester, libs say; “Well at least we got them to read. They can’t relate to the biased White curriculum of the rural schools”.

First off, I am sure that not one of the students actually read the 50 Cent book, second the hypocrisy of selecting reading specifically for black kids whilst the very same libs scream we are all equal, all the same, one people out of the other side of their mouth is ridiculous.
So I say, the schools have given up, they are lazy, misguided, and looking for the easy way out. We have all heard the phrase “lowering the bar”.
If you, as a good parent struggle to get your children to eat their vegetables, I bet you don’t give up and give them candy under the mindset “hey at least I got them to eat”. That irresponsible behavior would lead to a chain reaction of health and behavioral issues.

This is similar to watering down school curriculums and offering garbage literature to fill impressionable minds, filled with street lingo and tales of crime to make it easy for the teachers. Just because the majority of the students live in a city and happen to be black does not justify encouraging them to read this garbage.

I don’t care if black kids don’t go to school, but allowing the scale of education to slide down for a race of people who can’t compete on the same level as Whites will effectively (big picture) push more qualified Whites aside after school in the real working world sullied with affirmative action, diversity, and inclusion. Whew, I sure packed a lot into one topic. Comment if you would like to discuss further.

See news story http://www.whec.com/news/stories/s1760200.shtml

  1. October 31, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Great points as always, Otter. This is the delusional egalitarian mindset of "No child left behind." They refuse to admit what study after study has shown, that American Blacks generally have an IQ a full deviation below that of Whites. All this accomplishes in the end is to hurt White students educationally,and leaves the Negro as intellectually blunted as he was before this Marxist social engineering was forced on us. They blame a White bias in curriculum, but fail to answer why Asian students excel in Western schools, even surpassing Whites in general, as the data shows.No amount of jungle jam or deification of ass-crack exposing Hottentots will change these racial facts of life. What was the argument of the segregationists? That by federally mandating integration of the schools it would be injurious to Whites and be of no benefit to the Blacks?Guess who was right…

  2. October 31, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    And, and, to expound on my point, the system is rigged for blacks to be favored in the big picture. Not all black kids fail. The ones who actually graduate and compete in the workforce against Whites will have the leg up due to “diversity and inclusion” (code for affirmative action).It is an ingenious plan that was concocted and hatched while Whites cowered in fear of being called racist while they watched the deck get stacked against them. It was the WHITE GUILT HAMMER that kept Whites at bay while this all came to fruition.

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