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Planet of the apes

What if this was your grandfather and your father being assaulted by this troop of subhuman savages? This is why Whites have fled every city or area that Blacks populate. Not because of some bullshit Marxian neologism like “racism” but rather, they don’t want to have their sons murdered and daughters raped by these Negro cave-trolls.

Whites need to win back the right of free association and racial autonomy from a sick, anti-White government that forced this multi-racial integration on us by bayonet-point. Either that, or die. It’s your call, White man and woman.

Horrifying racially motivated attack caught on tape.

A group of teenage black thugs brutally attacked two men aged 51 and 73. The only motivation appears to be race. The men tried to get the thugs to move away from their driveway. When they wouldn’t the two men drove down the street to call police from a payphone at a gas station. The thugs followed them. The 73 year old was pulled from the car and brutally beaten. The other man was beaten when he came out of a gas station.

Ohio has been the scene of dozens of brutal black on white racially motivated attacks in the recent past.



  1. October 15, 2010 at 7:21 pm


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