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Africanus Criminalus

Great commentary by Incogman on yet another savage attack by Blacks on Whites that will assuredly be deep sixed by Marxist media in order to continue the sheenywood fiction that only Whites commit interracial crime. Fact is, Blacks are, for all intents and purposes, waging a campaign of genocide on our race.

Expect maudlin candlelight vigils and pitiful forgiveness of the primal-perp from milquetoast Whites, still too high on the liberal sweet leaf to realize they are in a shootin’ war with the non-White races.

Could be your family next, Whitey.


Mom Killed, Daughter Shot Six Times By Animals

When I read this story the other day, I was incensed like you would not believe. A week ago Friday, a nine year-old girl, shot multiple times but still alive, managed to drag her bloody self to a phone and call 911 as her mother’s corpse lay nearby, 42 year-old Alexandra Angler of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was murdered when two bicycling, burglerizing Negroes broke into their home and gunned the two down as the mother was getting the little girl ready for a day at school.

These two filthy, GD Negro animals fired off six bullets into this little girl, Arianna Angler, and left her for dead (she survived in critical condition). Imagine all that went through this poor girl’s mind during this horrible crime?

The national news has been going on and on about a Connecticut home invasion trial over the last couple of weeks, since the defendants were White. Only thing is, every week we see vicious crimes perpetrated on Whites just like this one in Baton Rouge with nary a peep. Ask yourself one very simple question: Do you think the Connecticut case would get as much airtime if the criminals were black? I don’t think so!

And if it was White perps who did this Louisiana crime, the media would have had a field day about the brave little girl calling 911, as her mother lay dead. You know it, too.

Freshly-nabbed (above) murder suspect Aramis Jackson, had recently told a friend when the story was on the local news, ”gotta think like a nigga think; you can’t have witnesses.” The black SOB should burn!

One of the animals was picked up due to forensics, his past criminal career thankfully allowed state authorities to take a DNA sample, matching it up later with something found in the home, possibly a few crinkly-curly hairs off his nappy little head, or maybe from another thing disgustingly vile.

No word was mentioned about a rape, but it’s very possible. Even the little girl. When filthy Negroes have a White female cornered, and already plan to eliminate any witnesses to begin with, opportunity meets animal lust. The helpless victim must spend her last minutes on earth being sexually brutalized by a stinking, sweaty primate, before being purposefully executed. How evil is that?

The gun-toting Aramis Jackson was later seen by a witness carrying off a flat screen TV. These “people” will waste you over nothing. His running mate is still unknown and on the loose, but will pay for his crimes one day, or in hell eventually.

Like I said, over the past week I saw numerous TV reports on those two Whites in the Connecticut case that happened way back in 2007. Every time I saw it, I yelled at the screen “what about the Gentry case?” This happened just last year, when four members of the Gentry family, plus the girlfriend of the son, were slaughtered in Arkansas by three Negroes out stealing big screen TV’s and rims. They even burned the damn house down around them!

Where the hell is the media over this trial?

Us White Americans are now being screwed over royally by the Jew media. They plainly don’t want the majority of Whites to realize just where our country is headed and how dangerous it’s becoming to live near these violent, free-ranging animals.

And that’s just what they are: Violent and despicable animals, through and through. If you think I’m being racist about it, then you can go live near the bastards and find out soon enough yourself!

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  1. October 15, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Sad day when you see whites ignoring this in fear of being racist. Whites are good at feeling unnecessary guilt. Even the mexicans have come out and said they will take over and rid the US of Europeans and still whites turn their head and ignore it.

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